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Exploring my parents homeland - SRI LANKA

Welcome to 2016!

Here I am for another year, coming back for more because I just can't stop. Expect a year filled with more pictures and tips. I have also created a travel instagram! So if you want to see more of my travel pictures follow me on @undercoverchicktravels 

 Although, there will be more I'd like to go back in time a bit..So remember August 2015? Not too long ago right. I flew for the first time ever to Sri Lanka. You may or may not know but my parents are from Sri Lanka but I was born in Germany. Since then I have studied the beautiful language Tamil and know how to read and write in it as well but I have never actually had the chance to see the country my family is from. I have read a lot about it and know a lot more history about it from textbooks so going to Sri Lanka and seeing all these things was a beautiful opportunity for me.

After spending a few weeks at my grandparents house which by the way also meant me meeting my cousins for the first time ever, we decided to go on a family roadtrip! You know how much of a big fan of roadtrips I am. Having just come back from my south Europe roadtrip I felt blessed more than ever going on another roadtrip.
Now to the actual country...

Sri Lanka is a tiny island in the Indian ocean. There was beaches anywhere we went. Every single one of them was well preserved by the locals. It was nature at its best, with turquoise water and clean beaches! Nowadays a lot of beaches in many countries have been surrounded by hotels and everything that creates tourism. However, although Sri Lanka is a popular travel destination it has managed to leave a lot of its area as natural as it could possibly be.

Sri Lanka is filled with history. Unfortunately, the very recent civil war has affected a lot of the areas especially in Jaffna which was very sad to see. Most tourists won't really see these sites but as I have family there I even had the opportunity to go to the smallest villages which seem to have been severely affected by the civil war which thank god has ended. I'd like to keep my personal opinions about how some locals get treated there to myself but I wasn't happy to see how hard life there must be for those people and was honestly pleased that I thank to my parents and grandparents have the opportunity to grow up in Europe.
Nevertheless, Sri Lanka is also filled with ancient history. British, Portuguese and Dutch colonies were in Sri Lanka for a very long time. Most of it still clearly visible and it really is interesting to see how colonisation has changed many things in the country.


I was surprised when I realised how green Sri Lanka is! There was so much nature it felt really good seeing more of it than we do in London hah, You really could tell that were on an island, isolated from the rest of the world but that freedom, the peace? It felt amazing!
What I really loved is that the bigger cities like Kandy and Colombo were really modern while there was also cities that just were beautiful without humans having to change the city in any way.
Sri Lanka has so much to offer and is a beautiful island. I am proud and glad that my parents are from there and can't wait to go back for more in the future.

If  you want to see more of my travel pictures follow me on @undercoverchicktravels 

 I am holding a snake, don't expect me to look any happier lol!

Never realised how much detail there is on temples.


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