Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A bit more clarity in 2016! - 2for1glasses Review

For a while I have been walking around complaining that every seems so blurry. Whenever I told my mu she'd just say - you sit in front of a computer screen for hours writing blog posts and editing - what do you expect? Which I guess is true lol. My eye sight is still pretty good and I can see well without them but I do have to strain my eyes a little bit more these days when watching TV or reading a road sign. So I decided to finally order my glasses!
My friend recommended me this website called  -
I have never previously ordered  glasses online but I was told that they are a reliable service and they really wear. The glasses are reasonably priced and slightly cheaper than on the high street.
As the name of the website suggests you get 2 glasses for the price of one.

How this works: 
You can get 2 glasses from the select range of glasses and the second (cheaper) pair is free. Or the second option which is better if you want designer glasses is if you choose a pair of glasses from the range and one from the select range. Most higher end designer brands are available in the premier range. However, what you can't do is, choose 2 glasses from the premier range to get the second pair for free. You can only choose one premier and one select range glasses to get the second pair for free.
If this has confused you a little bit, it has been explained in a easy way on their website -


There is a small delivery charge. However, the glasses were cheaper than anywhere else I checked so I didn't mind paying for delivery. Although I ordered in the Christmas season, their delivery was pretty quick. It took less than a week. Each pair of glasses will arrive separately so don't worry if you get one before the other.
The glasses were protected well from delivery. This was one of my main worries before ordering but to my surprise they were really well wrapped and safely delivered.

The two glasses I got were the -  Emporio Armani EA3039 
                                                                   - London Retro Jubilee Black/Crystal

The only thing I struggled to find out was the size of the frame that I required. Luckily my friend has a similar head shape to her so I tried on her glasses before to check the right size. If you never had glasses before you wouldn't really know your frame size. If this isn't your first pair you can just check on the side of the frame on your old pair of glasses! 


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