Monday, December 14, 2015

My first Christmas Dinner at University

Wohoo! It's almost Christmas. If you have been reading or following me on my blog long enough you will know how crazy I get when it gets to this time of the year.
Now that I am at university time does not exist. I almost forgot that it is Christmas soon and did not really get into the spirit at all. As far as uni goes I can say I am honestly proud of myself considering that I thought that I will never be able to learn how to cook but I have clearly managed to do that and I wouldn't say that I'm a bad cook. Anyhow, my flatmates and me thought it would be cute to have a Christmas meal together as a flat before we leave for the holidays. It is fair to say that we have done well as a flat and we have peacefully survived the first term together.
As lucky as we are Olivia is a great cook and we had a lovely meal followed by dessert and I made some fresh warm oreo cupcakes mhmmm.

 Amber and Lizzy made sure the flat kitchen is decorated as cutely as possible. Have you ever seen a student accommodation look this cute?!

This is possibly the cutest secret santa gift I have ever received. Everyone knows how much I LOVE cosmetic products and every girl would love a box of chocolates for the sniffles.

 The camera just decided to focus on my face...oops.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and enjoy this season as much as I do!

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