Thursday, November 26, 2015

REACTING TO MY OLD DIARY | UndercoverChick on YouTube

Hey guys!

So the other day, my friend pj (Prajoti) and me got together and decided to film together. It was so much fun finally working with someone else whilst filming rather than talking to the camera by myself. Ever since I was 8 I've been writing in different diaries but I only took one of them with me to uni and it was my diary from 2012 onwards which is probably the most exciting phase of my life. A lot of changes happened in those years and no I don't mean physical changes that come with puberty anyways but changes such as me moving from Germany to London. Imagine what I must have gone through. Well if you can't it's best if you watch this video and try understand. Find out what my first worry was when I moved here and trust me it is not the weather that worried me the most. You can never imagine what I was worried about. Of course, I also had an abnormally high number of crushes but hey I was a teenager. Anyhow I'll let you find out everything in the video.....
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