Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Final destinations - road trip! Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein

This will be my final post on the road trip series. However, I do not think that I will ever stop talking about it or stop referring back to it...It was an amazing experience and even when I look at the pictures, I can't really believe that I was there and saw those sceneries with my own eyes. Our next big stop was on our way back home in Lecco, Italy. We stopped at a camping place which was right next to a massive lake and it was the best scenery to wake up to! (see on the picture below) 

                                                                            Lecco, Italy

 On the way to Lecco, we passed Milan. We were so tempted to stop in Milan especially with the Expo being there but we did want to avoid big crowds and knew that finding a safe parking space for our mini bus/van with all our belongings in Milan especially with the Expo around the corner would be difficult.

                                                                   Milan, Italy

 We then passed through beautiful Switzerland!! This is honestly a country that I never expected to be this beautiful. I have been to Basel and Zurich when I was younger but I never expected the countryside of Switzerland to be this insanely beautiful. It was also very refreshing in the alps as it was much cooler than in any of the south european countries where it was at least 35 degrees and even hotter in the back seat of our van!

Driving in Switzerland was also a very exciting experience, the roads were just so beautiful to drive on and the boys got very excited about it!

                                         Sylvaplana, Switzerland

                                            Vaduz, Liechtenstein

To be entirely honest, I did not realise that Liechtenstein is a country until we planned this trip. It's the smallest country on Earth (if I'm right) but then again Monaco is also a very small country. On this picture you can see the castle of the royal family in Liechtenstein. They have a monarchy there! I did not even know!

We were just in time to view this beautiful sunset.

The last country we passed through was Germany's beautiful neighbour country, Austria! It felt pretty good being able to speak in German again but it sadly also meant that we were closer to the end of our summer road trip. I hope we do something like this again in the future and if I we do I will definitely make sure I post everything about it again!




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