Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Roadtrip - Monaco - second destination

Hey guys! I know it's been a while and I haven't updated my roadtrip series at all. I feel so guilty about that but when I wrote that post I didn't consider that my school prom is coming up and that I will also have to pack for my first ever holiday in my parents homeland - Sri Lanka! I have so much catching up to do and I'm more than excited to share everything with you guys but as I am still in Sri Lanka it is very difficult to do anything in this heat! 
The second big city we stopped at was Monte Carlo! After watching the movie Monte Carlo it has always been my childhood dream to go to Monaco. Being there was so surreal for me and I STILL can't believe any of it to be honest. Looking at the pictures it does not even feel like I was present. 

On our way to Monaco we passed many beautiful French cities and that is one of the many perks of a roadtrip. When you fly you don't get to see much of what is below you but on a roadtrip your view will be perfect. Our aim was to be in Monaco just in time for Fabian's birthday as he loves cars and Monaco is obviously perfect to find beautiful cars. I mean I know nothing about cars but the cars you see in Monaco are breathtaking.  As you will see on the pictures below every details of Monaco is just perfect. Clearly this takes a lot of effort and maintenance and you kind of get that rich people-nothing is real feeling. It all seems a little fake if you know what I mean. I mean Monte Carlo is a man-made, constructed city. If you're more of a nature loving traveller then you will have an odd feeling. Personally I thought that it was good exploring the world of the rich for a few days but obviously it's personal opinion and preference how exciting you find the world of all the rich and celebrities. Monaco is the kind of country where you see kids with personalised segways cruising through the city instead of using their 2 feet! Yes we did see quite a few rich, spoiled kids and to me it all seemed a little funny, almost like a joke but I mean it's their life and if they enjoy it, I don't have a problem with it.

Undercoverchick got caught taking a selfie by Paparazzi haha.

Stay tuned to find out where our next exciting stop was!


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