Monday, August 17, 2015

Roadtrip - San Remo, Italy

Hey guys,
so our next big stop on the trip was San Remo in Italy! We were only going to stay here for a day or two but due to unexpected events we had to extend our stay here. I have to say it was a roadtrip after all so pretty much everything was spontaneous so when you pack for a roadtrip, you also have to consider all sorts of unexpected things that could possibly happen. 
We were quite exhausted when we arrived in San Remo so we relaxed for a bit and walked to the beach which was part of the camping resort that we stayed at. It was not a typical overcrowded beach so it really was a good place to relax and to be entirely honest that is all I can remember about our stay in San Remo. We relaxed, talked, ate, walked around town and went to the beach. We were only going to stay for a day anyway. So we packed up and were ready to leave when Nils and Fabian noticed a quite big black dot on the floor. It was an oil leak! Now let me tell you, we did try to stay calm and looked at the car and tried to somehow justify it. As we could not figure out where it was leaking from we had to ask a few of our camping neighbours and they had no clue either so we started to panic. The car was perfectly fine to drive but we decided to get it checked than breakdown on the middle of the highway and having to cancel the rest of the trip.
At the end we found a Volkswagen garage and they were able to help us. Thank god! Before we heard what happened to our car we had to leave and come back after a few hours. We tried to stay calm and walked to an ice cream shop in town, ate Italian ice cream and then we walked to the harbour with all the beautiful yachts. We sat there and played games that we played when were like 5 haha but we really did have a few hours to kill. It did feel good though sitting for a few hours and just talking to each other. We went back to the garage and I am not going to get down to all the technical terms since I do not understand them myself but we got told that it was safe to continue our trip and get back home alive and that is all we really needed! Of course it felt like I massive rock was lifted from our shoulders but how else are you supposed to feel when you are somewhere in Italy and you have limited finances and the car breaks down!  I mean those are moments of a roadtrip that you would never forget and it does make the whole team stronger. 
We were so so tired afterwards because it really was a stressful day so we decided to stay another night in San Remo and left in the morning. 

Stay tuned for more stories from our roadtrip and find out where we went next! If you missed the last few posts about the other destinations make sure you check them out!  


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Roadtrip - Monaco - second destination

Hey guys! I know it's been a while and I haven't updated my roadtrip series at all. I feel so guilty about that but when I wrote that post I didn't consider that my school prom is coming up and that I will also have to pack for my first ever holiday in my parents homeland - Sri Lanka! I have so much catching up to do and I'm more than excited to share everything with you guys but as I am still in Sri Lanka it is very difficult to do anything in this heat! 
The second big city we stopped at was Monte Carlo! After watching the movie Monte Carlo it has always been my childhood dream to go to Monaco. Being there was so surreal for me and I STILL can't believe any of it to be honest. Looking at the pictures it does not even feel like I was present. 


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