Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Road Trip - First Destination

I can exactly remember how I felt when we left Karlsruhe, Germany and started off our road trip. I felt....infinite. No seriously, I know that's a stolen quote from the perks of being a wallflower but until the day of the trip I really did not think that it would actually happen. Even now it was too surreal to understand or realise. Our first destination was Marseille, France. Marseille is a beautiful small city in the south of France. South France is so so beautiful! I kept the best till last and posted the most beautiful pictures of Marseille at the end of this post so you best scroll through all of it!!

We stuck this sign at the back of the car and believe it or not..I think this has actually helped us to successfully go on this trip safely and come back home alive. 

One thing I learnt on this trip is that every sunset you see in your life is different and special. 

The best thing about travelling on the road using a car is the view! You don't have to stop everywhere but you get to see so many things on the way.
Once we were in Marseille we got stuck in rush hour traffic and the boys handled this soo well.

Marseille is beautiful from all angles!
          Pssssht no Paparazzi please hah..
    This was our first group picture of the roadtrip and although this is the first group picture of the           trip....I think it may even be my favourite! We look happy and yes we were!
    Here you see me...walking around in my pyjamas haha. My second time camping and I really             really enjoyed it. My first time was the day before but that day we were so so tired so nobody took     a  picture of that day oops. Oh did I mention that camping is actually really cool? Apart from the        bit when condensation occurs and the tent gets weirdly wet and you can smell your own breath.        Yuck. Apart from that I actually loved being exposed to so much nature.

   Look at how clear the sky is!! A miracle has to happen for us to ever get a clear sky like that in the      UK.

So that was our time in Marseille I guess. It is a very lovely place and I will definitely visit this beautiful city again as there is so much more to see than we did but as it is a road trip and not just any holiday we couldn't see everything of each city. Hope you enjoyed reading about our first destination and come back soon to read about the next location!!


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