Wednesday, May 27, 2015


As you know I do travel quite a lot and enjoy visiting beautiful new countries. I used to believe that you had to be rich to be able to travel but I realised myself that I was wrong when I organised my first holiday on a budget with my mum last summer! I wanted to take my mum to a new country but being a 17 year old girl still in school with no job, I did not have a lot of money. However it is not as difficult as it seems. If you're enthusiastic and are willing to do anything to see more of the world then you are the right person for this.

1) Plan Ahead - I can't stress this point enough! Book your flight/coach as early as possible. I mean months before your actual departure, this will probably save you the most money!

2) Make your trip short - if your budget is quite tight just make the trip as short as possible. Maybe just a weekend in Paris? Or only two days? I would be happy even if it is a small journey.

3) Travel at night - if you're booking a coach, just make sure you leave at night. That way you can get to the country your travelling to in the morning since coach journeys are usually at least 7 hours and you save the money you would spend on for a hotel. That's two less nights at a hotel!

4) All Inclusive Deals - if you prefer staying at a fancy hotel and want to fly as comfortably as possible than taking a coach then I would recommend all inclusive deals. They save you a lot of money in the long term.

5) Off-season holidays - so much cheaper than travelling during Summer/Christmas holidays! If you do want it to be a summer holiday still, tickets in June are so much cheaper than in July/August! Ryanair offers one way tickets for as cheap as 7 pounds!

6) Explore you continent  - I don't know about you people but I think that Europe is a beautiful continent with so much to explore. Some very modern countries but also very traditional countries. I don't understand why the UK would want to leave this beautiful continent. (Sorry I have a strong view on this, I won't mention politics again.) Travelling within Europe is so affordable though. I took my mum to Paris and I can guarantee you the holiday cost me less than 100 pounds!

7) Cheap accommodation - you don't always need hotels and they are definitely not the cheapest option. If you're travelling by car you can always camp at camping sites. B&B's and hostels are also a popular option. -  a website where people make their houses/flats available to rent out and it is a very trustworthy website as all accommodations do get checked before and popular houses/flats have lots of reviews. This is much more affordable.

You don't have to be rich to explore the world! Do you believe me now?


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Plans For Summer 2015

Like promised I'd like to reveal to you guys what I have been planning for summer 2015. I'm still a little hesitant because of what happened last year. I was so extremely happy and excited about going to Amsterdam and at the end I missed my coach because I was 2 minutes late at the station. Seriously over-planning does kill the magic sometimes! As organised as I am I couldn't help it but plan ahead for this summer as well. I'm not going to reveal to you guys my plans for the whole summer yet only because I'm scared that it won't end up happening. Ever since my Amsterdam incident I'm a little paranoid hah. In a little more than 4 weeks I am going to Germany (duhh) and I will be going on a roadtrip with my mates to celebrate our high school graduation. I'm not going to say where, when, which route until it gets closer to the date, I'm seriously scared that we will not end up going because whenever something sounds really cool almost too cool for my life, it ends up getting cancelled or something comes in the way. Yes I'm a tiny bit superstitious! Then I have my school prom in London and then I am going to visit a few more countries on this beautiful planet but more details on that later. Can't kill the magic yet. :)
If all goes well I'll be vlogging through almost everything. If you don't want to miss my first vlog I suggest you subscribe to my YouTube channel now!

Here's the link to my channel:

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Leaving High School!

On the 7th May it was officially my last day at school (I hope!). It has been 2 weeks since leavers day and honestly I'm not sure how I feel about leaving school still. Well annoyingly we only have our final exams after our leavers day in England and we only get our results in the middle of August! If you're really good at school it shouldn't be a problem for you anyways. However if you're like me and are just an average student, you won't know what grades you will be expecting in the summer. So I'm not actually 100% sure if I will pass the final year and get good grades or if I will have to repeat the year which I really don't want to do.
Anyhow, I've been in this school for 5 years now and although I joined later than everyone else I spent most of my education in this high school. I met a lot of people, made friends, made enemies but also this school has somehow taught me a lot about life. Life is tough. There will be ups and downs but you just got to learn how to deal with them. I am happy about leaving but I am also sort of upset. I do miss my school routine and even now I wake up at 5am every single morning!  
Now to the real purpose of this blog post because I don't just want to tell you how I feel about leaving school but also what I think about it.
I recently had a lot deep thoughts which isn't really useful considering that I'm fighting my way through the pile of revision to get done. It was questions like: Who will stay in contact with me after High School? Will they remember me? How am I going to react if I meet someone after a few years? I came to the conclusion that leaving High School will actually show you who was worth spending time with and who wasn't worth your time. For my sake I am hoping that I only made good friends. The fact that I tend to only have one or two texts when I look at my phone after revision is worrying haha! No I'm kidding I'm sure people are busy with revision.
I don't usually write diary style posts on my blog but I guess it's good for a change. I have some amazing things planned for this summer and I am extremely excited to share it with you guys!   

                                                                                             It has been a while but I am back.
                                                                                                 Love from Undercoverchick xoxo


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