Saturday, February 14, 2015

My 18th Birthday outfits, hair and make up!

I haven't had a chance to update my blog for so long since I got busy with my new youtube channel and it was my first day at work last week. I've never worked in a fast food chain before and it is one of the busiest environments so I'm extremely tired from all that. However, I am not going to give up with blogging that easily! There will also be a new post tomorrow, I promise so make sure have a look on the blog tomorrow as well!
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Anyhow Happy Valentine's Day guys, exactly one month ago today it was my birthday and I had an unforgettable day with my family and friends. A lot of you were interested in where I got my outfits from and although late I did want to come back to that request.
My outfit in London was actually inspired by Selena Gomez in her "The Heart Want What it Wants" video. I really like her hair in the video and loved the dress.


 This is the dress that I wore in London and later on in the evening in Germany. A lot of you really liked this dress. I got this dress from and I'm seriously in love with it. I was looking for something nice that cane be worn at a party but isn't too revealing and this was perfect in that way! However, after my mum had washed the dress after my party the material completely changed and the dress kind of got damaged. I'm not sure if we washed it on the wrong setting but I was really disappointed. Nevertheless I did love the dress.

The clutch bag I had on the evening a friend got me for my birthday and it was from Mango.

 This lovely jumpsuit I wore in Germany was from as well! Shoutout to missguided for providing me with these unique items of clothing haha. I looked for a jumpsuit which was unique and this one definitely was unique.

 Loved the material and the patterns were amazing!

These pair of sandal heels I'm in love with. These are from New Look and they are amazing. I really do struggle to walk in heels but for some reason these were actually one of the most comfortable heels I've worn.


My hairstyle in London was done by Anu who I like to call my personal hair and make up artist (she likes it too!). Selena Gomez has done this classy hair up do quite a few times and I love it so tried to do something quite similar to that. Maybe one day I'll get Anu convinced to make youtube tutorials!  In Germany I used my curler to make big loose curls which is easy I guess.


- NC45 Studio Fluid Fix Mac Liquid Foundation
- NC45 Stuio Fix Powder
- Liquid Eyeliner - by P2 (German Brand)
- 004 Simply Red GOSH Lip Liner
- Smashbox Photo Set finishing powder
- POREfessional primer by Benefit
- 39 Electric Pink, Natural Blush, GOSH
- J Lo's pue red lipstick by L'Oreal (Exclusive collection)


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