Thursday, January 22, 2015

My 18th Birthday | London

On the 18th January I celebrated my 18th Birthday in London. Getting there was stressful but once I was here celebrating with my friends all the stress was gone. As you know I celebrated in Germany on the 16th and I was very tired after that but on the 18th I flew back and had to rush from the airport home to get ready within 20 minutes and leave to meet my friends. This wouldn't have been possible without my family friend Anu, who helped me get ready and did my hairstyle within 5 minutes! But I'll let you know all about my hair, make up and where I got my outfits from in tomorrow's post. So make sure you come back!

We went to Bloomsbury Bowling lanes and went to a beautiful restaurant called Il Fornello afterwards. Both places I have never been to so I was scared that the locations I have chosen wouldn't be that great. However, it turned out being so beautiful. The Bloomsbury bowling lanes was very comfortable, cosy and welcoming. They also had a lovely bar. Unfortunately we were running late and couldn't stay at the bowling place for very long. Afterwards we went to the restaurant, which had organised a personal space for us. It was a whole room just for us, with no extra fee. It was beautifully decorated and the food was lovely. We stayed there for a while, enjoyed our food, cut a cake and they even asked us if we wanted to play our own music. There was a waitress assigned to our room and she was always ready to serve us.
The location of the restaurant was very convenient as it was only 5 minutes from the station and so was bowling. Bloomsbury is overall a very beautiful area in London and it is easily accessible by tube.
I thought I would make another video to share with you guys how my birthday was. It's again all the pictures put together into a video but you never know maybe one day I will make a Youtube video where I'm actually speaking haha. ;)



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