Tuesday, January 20, 2015

18th Birthday! |Karlsruhe|Germany

On the 14th January I finally turned 18! I've always asked my parents to be able to celebrate my 18th birthday in Germany and I love my parents for this but they actually let me. I had amazing plans of how I was going to make a vlog out of my birthday and film the whole day but unfortunately things got in the way. My family and friends surprised me at midnight with a cake and a bottle of champagne (which btw I didn't know how to open!). Anyhow, there are many parts to my birthday this year and I celebrated almost a whole week, but I'm not complaining I loved it! I won't be able to add everything into one post but on the 15th January I flew to Germany so I'd like to start off with telling you about my trip there.

As soon as I got there my friends Nils and Emina came over to our apartment. The next day I spent the morning making a black forest cake with my best friend Nils and his mum. (He only decorated the cake but knowing him he probs wants credit for making it). When I was younger and still lived in Germany I used to love the cakes she made and she knew I loved baking as well. So making a cake for my party with her was really really fun.

                            [Heike and me]

After baking the delicious black forest cake, Nils and me went shopping at the mall. Unfortunately my phone got stolen there! I wasn't expecting that to happen in Germany, so I couldn't update the blog post I made and I no longer was in the mood to vlog because I knew how much my parents especially my mum who stayed back in London would tell me off. At night my friends came over and we still had an amazing time! We stayed at our flat for a while and went out afterwards. We came back really late so the next morning I was extremely tired, my friend Rosshani and me shared a mattress because we were too lazy to move the other one and I ended up pushing her off it whilst asleep haha.

We had a wonderful time together. Don't forget to watch the video below which pretty much sums up my night there but it was honestly amazing and I definitely know that I will never forget the 16th January 2015 ever in my life.
There will be more videos, stories, all about my birthday outfits, birthday planning and surprises coming up in the next few days so make sure you come back soon guys because I will definitely will be back here! Hope you enjoy the video!



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