Monday, December 14, 2015

My first Christmas Dinner at University

Wohoo! It's almost Christmas. If you have been reading or following me on my blog long enough you will know how crazy I get when it gets to this time of the year.
Now that I am at university time does not exist. I almost forgot that it is Christmas soon and did not really get into the spirit at all. As far as uni goes I can say I am honestly proud of myself considering that I thought that I will never be able to learn how to cook but I have clearly managed to do that and I wouldn't say that I'm a bad cook. Anyhow, my flatmates and me thought it would be cute to have a Christmas meal together as a flat before we leave for the holidays. It is fair to say that we have done well as a flat and we have peacefully survived the first term together.
As lucky as we are Olivia is a great cook and we had a lovely meal followed by dessert and I made some fresh warm oreo cupcakes mhmmm.

 Amber and Lizzy made sure the flat kitchen is decorated as cutely as possible. Have you ever seen a student accommodation look this cute?!

This is possibly the cutest secret santa gift I have ever received. Everyone knows how much I LOVE cosmetic products and every girl would love a box of chocolates for the sniffles.

 The camera just decided to focus on my face...oops.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and enjoy this season as much as I do!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Almost exactly a year ago, I told you guys about my acne skincare routine and how I deal with it. It's been a year and I think it's time that I update you on my progress as I have noticed a lot changes and learned a lot of things about the condition itself. If you have acne whether it's mild or moderate it does not matter, you would know that it's a condition which gets worse or better over a long period of time. My acne started developing when I was 13 years old and was at its worst when I was 16 years old but now that I am 18, I can see my skin gradually improving and becoming clear. Acne depends on various variables and the best you can do is try control as many of them as possible - environment,   diet, lifestyle, hormonal balance.
I noticed that my acne was the most severe and lasted for so many years because of hormonal imbalances. After being on antibiotics for years I noticed no changes so my doctor advised me to take the contraceptive pill. At first I was scared and worried about any side effects but it came to the point where I have tried everything and this was pretty much my last chance. Now that I take the pill  I am very happy with the results I have seen. I rarely get spots, my skin is almost fully clear but I do have a lot of acne scars which I can worry about later. My skin is slowly but surely clearing with the help of a good diet and lifestyle.

My top 3 tips:

1) Don't change around the products you use - stick to one routine and make sure that the products you use are suitable for you. I know that sometimes you use products and then get fed up because you don't seem to see any results. What I learned over this year is that once you stick to a routine, with the same products, you will start to see results even if it takes months. I still use the same products I used a year ago and I've had to restock again and again. I think I've bought at least 10 tubes of my Neutrogena scrub and I didn't start seeing major results until I was on my third tube. I still use the same toner, scrub, instant spot treatment lightning grease by lush so here's the link to my routine which I published last year. IS A VIRTUE!

2) The importance of a healthy controlled diet - I can't stress how important this is. When I say diet I don't mean eating less or only eating extremely healthy food haha. I mean cutting out food you know that is causing you to have breakouts. Over time I learned so much about skin, more than an average person knows. It's a long learning process and everyone's skin is different so I could try telling you what I have cut out of my diet but it might not work for you at all. However, there is ways to identify which food triggers your breakouts and therefore you personally shouldn't eat . I will be writing a long informative blog post about this very soon.

3) Relax! Don't let it get to you - I know this may seem like a small thing but having acne does affect you mentally. Having acne made me very insecure. It was not even because of what I thought about myself but it's how people made me feel about myself. Some very silly misinformed people seem to think that you have acne because you are not clean. Sometimes you just get that one person that feels like they have the right to make a statement about your acne to you. A bunch of beauticians will try to give you tips and they may contradict each other. Even if your acne didn't bother you before, it will bother you now just because people keep making you aware of it. Some of you may understand what I mean but seriously try not to pay attention to it. You know yourself the best. You don't even have to listen to my tips, if you think that my methods would work for you try it. Just hang on and try to make your condition better but don't let it get to you. As cringe as this sounds, you are beautiful no matter what.

Hope this helped! If you have any questions feel free to comment below. You can also find me on
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I'm very active on all social networks and try to answer as many questions as possible so feel free to contact me!


Thursday, November 26, 2015

REACTING TO MY OLD DIARY | UndercoverChick on YouTube

Hey guys!

So the other day, my friend pj (Prajoti) and me got together and decided to film together. It was so much fun finally working with someone else whilst filming rather than talking to the camera by myself. Ever since I was 8 I've been writing in different diaries but I only took one of them with me to uni and it was my diary from 2012 onwards which is probably the most exciting phase of my life. A lot of changes happened in those years and no I don't mean physical changes that come with puberty anyways but changes such as me moving from Germany to London. Imagine what I must have gone through. Well if you can't it's best if you watch this video and try understand. Find out what my first worry was when I moved here and trust me it is not the weather that worried me the most. You can never imagine what I was worried about. Of course, I also had an abnormally high number of crushes but hey I was a teenager. Anyhow I'll let you find out everything in the video.....
As always be a babe and SUBSCRIBE! Not having a YouTube account is not a valid reason. Make one and support me! Leave a  comment and let me know what you think, Thank you!


Monday, November 16, 2015

First ever Asian Hindu Wedding - Outfit, Hair and Make Up

Hey guys!

I have been hyping about this event for a very long time now. Believe it or not I have never been to a wedding that I remember being at. I may have been to one or two weddings as a baby but that's about it. I was going to put quite a bit of effort into my outfit, hair and make up but I personally don't think that I am good at it at all so I got as always my blog hair and make up stylist Tanzina to do my hair and make up. As always she did an amazing job and made me feel pretty! My mum helped me with my saree.
If you like the pictures and would like to find out how she did the hair and make up I've put up a list of the products used right at the end of this post!
I will also be uploading a new YouTube video very soon so don't forget to subscribe!

My mum got me this saree from India this summer. 


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

UCAS PRANK | YouTube Video

Hey guys! 

As you may know I recently started making YouTube videos as well. A few months ago my chief editor suggested that I should try prank my friends and film their reaction and well I kind of had an idea and tried it and I never expected for people to actually fall for it. The reactions I got out of the prank were extremely hilarious and I got to be honest whenever I wanted to have a good laugh I would look at this footage when I got bored of revision. This was filmed about 6 months ago during exam season hence why I look soo tired. Hope you guys have a good laugh watching this and if you liked it don't forget to give me a thumbs up and subscribe! 


Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Mathusa to Medusa transformation - Halloween edition

Heya guys!

I hope you all had a lovely spooky Halloween. I have to admit that I am usually not the kind of person that does anything for Halloween or even bother dressing up. What kind of student/fresher would I be if I didn't do anything for Halloween in my first year at university?!

As you may know my real name is Mathusa aha not Undercoverchick.Whenever I introduce myself I get that one person that calls me "Medusa" as a joke or even worse they hear "Medusa" not "Mathusa". I would be worried as to why anyone would call their child after a monster from a Greek mythology. Anyhow I thought it would be funny to play along and dress up as her.

Skirt: Missguided
Top: Missguided

Make Up:

Mac NC45 Liquid Fluid Fix Foundation
Sleek Medium Contour Kit
4 different shades of green from the Sephora collection eyeshadow palette - used to contour my face
Smashbox setting powder used in excess to create a pale skin effect

Lips: Smother Lipstick - Sleek

I curled my hair using a curling iron and then applied hairspray before and after going over green hair chalk.

- rimmel volume express mascara
- liquid collection eyeliner
- fake eyelashes - natural look by Superdrug


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Final destinations - road trip! Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein

This will be my final post on the road trip series. However, I do not think that I will ever stop talking about it or stop referring back to it...It was an amazing experience and even when I look at the pictures, I can't really believe that I was there and saw those sceneries with my own eyes. Our next big stop was on our way back home in Lecco, Italy. We stopped at a camping place which was right next to a massive lake and it was the best scenery to wake up to! (see on the picture below) 

                                                                            Lecco, Italy

 On the way to Lecco, we passed Milan. We were so tempted to stop in Milan especially with the Expo being there but we did want to avoid big crowds and knew that finding a safe parking space for our mini bus/van with all our belongings in Milan especially with the Expo around the corner would be difficult.

                                                                   Milan, Italy

 We then passed through beautiful Switzerland!! This is honestly a country that I never expected to be this beautiful. I have been to Basel and Zurich when I was younger but I never expected the countryside of Switzerland to be this insanely beautiful. It was also very refreshing in the alps as it was much cooler than in any of the south european countries where it was at least 35 degrees and even hotter in the back seat of our van!

Driving in Switzerland was also a very exciting experience, the roads were just so beautiful to drive on and the boys got very excited about it!

                                         Sylvaplana, Switzerland

                                            Vaduz, Liechtenstein

To be entirely honest, I did not realise that Liechtenstein is a country until we planned this trip. It's the smallest country on Earth (if I'm right) but then again Monaco is also a very small country. On this picture you can see the castle of the royal family in Liechtenstein. They have a monarchy there! I did not even know!

We were just in time to view this beautiful sunset.

The last country we passed through was Germany's beautiful neighbour country, Austria! It felt pretty good being able to speak in German again but it sadly also meant that we were closer to the end of our summer road trip. I hope we do something like this again in the future and if I we do I will definitely make sure I post everything about it again!



Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Roadtrip - Genova (France), Camogli (Italy)

 Heeeeey guys!!
It has been a while and so many changes have occurred so I was just busy adapting to my new lifestyle but stay tuned this week as I will be updating you guys all about it and I have interesting tips and advice coming up now that I am adjusted to this new lifestyle. You will soon understand what I mean. However, I did not want to continue blogging about everything else without having completed my travel series with all the blog posts about the road trip not being available for you guys. I am going to complete the road trip series today. This is the first part but I will be posting another post in a few hours so make sure you come back!
So after San Remo in Italy the next beautiful Italian city we stopped at was Camogli. We actually also spent a night in Genova before heading to Camogli. Genova is a beautiful big Italian but we did not have much time to explore but I am sure I will definitely be back here anyways.


 Camogli is a typical Italian tourist town. This picture reminds me of a typical picture of a tourist city you see in children picture books but the best thing about Camogli......?'s the fact that you have completely crowded areas but you can just walk away from all the tourists and enjoy this scenery.

I enjoy these group pictures a lot because over the 2 weeks we travelled we grew this strong bond and although we have known each other for so long now, I felt like travelling together has brought us together even more and it really is just an amazing feeling. We never had any arguments or nobody was ever upset or angry and when it came to decision making it was all done peacefully.

Like I said there will be a few more blog posts coming up in the next 24 hours so make sure you come back! I have also uploaded a new youtube video so make sure you check out my channel!


Monday, August 17, 2015

Roadtrip - San Remo, Italy

Hey guys,
so our next big stop on the trip was San Remo in Italy! We were only going to stay here for a day or two but due to unexpected events we had to extend our stay here. I have to say it was a roadtrip after all so pretty much everything was spontaneous so when you pack for a roadtrip, you also have to consider all sorts of unexpected things that could possibly happen. 
We were quite exhausted when we arrived in San Remo so we relaxed for a bit and walked to the beach which was part of the camping resort that we stayed at. It was not a typical overcrowded beach so it really was a good place to relax and to be entirely honest that is all I can remember about our stay in San Remo. We relaxed, talked, ate, walked around town and went to the beach. We were only going to stay for a day anyway. So we packed up and were ready to leave when Nils and Fabian noticed a quite big black dot on the floor. It was an oil leak! Now let me tell you, we did try to stay calm and looked at the car and tried to somehow justify it. As we could not figure out where it was leaking from we had to ask a few of our camping neighbours and they had no clue either so we started to panic. The car was perfectly fine to drive but we decided to get it checked than breakdown on the middle of the highway and having to cancel the rest of the trip.
At the end we found a Volkswagen garage and they were able to help us. Thank god! Before we heard what happened to our car we had to leave and come back after a few hours. We tried to stay calm and walked to an ice cream shop in town, ate Italian ice cream and then we walked to the harbour with all the beautiful yachts. We sat there and played games that we played when were like 5 haha but we really did have a few hours to kill. It did feel good though sitting for a few hours and just talking to each other. We went back to the garage and I am not going to get down to all the technical terms since I do not understand them myself but we got told that it was safe to continue our trip and get back home alive and that is all we really needed! Of course it felt like I massive rock was lifted from our shoulders but how else are you supposed to feel when you are somewhere in Italy and you have limited finances and the car breaks down!  I mean those are moments of a roadtrip that you would never forget and it does make the whole team stronger. 
We were so so tired afterwards because it really was a stressful day so we decided to stay another night in San Remo and left in the morning. 

Stay tuned for more stories from our roadtrip and find out where we went next! If you missed the last few posts about the other destinations make sure you check them out!  


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Roadtrip - Monaco - second destination

Hey guys! I know it's been a while and I haven't updated my roadtrip series at all. I feel so guilty about that but when I wrote that post I didn't consider that my school prom is coming up and that I will also have to pack for my first ever holiday in my parents homeland - Sri Lanka! I have so much catching up to do and I'm more than excited to share everything with you guys but as I am still in Sri Lanka it is very difficult to do anything in this heat! 
The second big city we stopped at was Monte Carlo! After watching the movie Monte Carlo it has always been my childhood dream to go to Monaco. Being there was so surreal for me and I STILL can't believe any of it to be honest. Looking at the pictures it does not even feel like I was present. 


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Road Trip - First Destination

I can exactly remember how I felt when we left Karlsruhe, Germany and started off our road trip. I felt....infinite. No seriously, I know that's a stolen quote from the perks of being a wallflower but until the day of the trip I really did not think that it would actually happen. Even now it was too surreal to understand or realise. Our first destination was Marseille, France. Marseille is a beautiful small city in the south of France. South France is so so beautiful! I kept the best till last and posted the most beautiful pictures of Marseille at the end of this post so you best scroll through all of it!!

We stuck this sign at the back of the car and believe it or not..I think this has actually helped us to successfully go on this trip safely and come back home alive. 

One thing I learnt on this trip is that every sunset you see in your life is different and special. 

The best thing about travelling on the road using a car is the view! You don't have to stop everywhere but you get to see so many things on the way.
Once we were in Marseille we got stuck in rush hour traffic and the boys handled this soo well.

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