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Unwrapping Christmas Gifts 2014

I hope you all had a lovely time with your family and friends celebrating Christmas. We opened our gifts with a few family friends this year and I thought I'd make a small video to show you how the atmosphere was like in our home. After the video continue reading if you want to see what I got this Christmas.

They actually managed to prank me, I didn't think that they would've put a water bottle in an empty box and they even managed to film my reaction! But seriously I never expected anyone to prank me because it's usually the other way around.

These are the things I got this Christmas and to be honest I wouldn't normally share what I get for Christmas just because I think that it is a very self centred thing to do. Some people may get nothing for Christmas and I used to be one of them when I was younger and I know how that feels like so I really do appreciate what I got this year. I'm only going to share on my blog what I got this Christmas because this is where I share the more personal stuff but I won't post any of these pictures on any other social media. Most of these products here have a little story as to why I got them sooo let me get started....
I am literally in love with this jumper and I really can't wait to wear it! I found this jumper in Bershka while shopping with my family and at that time I had spent all my money already so my mum said that she won't buy me it either. Although I was really upset I understood because I had spent a lot of money already. Anyhow, I posted a picture of this on twitter saying that I really badly wanted it and we did secret santa within my group of friends. She really tried to get the jumper for me but it was sold out. I didn't know that people were trying to get me the jumper though. Then a week after I went with a family friend to look for the jumper because I had money to buy it but it was sold out at Bershka. I came to the conclusion that me and this jumper just weren't meant to be.
But then on Christmas day I opened my gift and whoop guess what my family friend Anu got me? Yes she got me this jumper!! She made the effort to order it online from their website.
This is the story of how I got this jumper haha! :')

Now this is an 8GB MP3 player by Bush and although it looks like it is an iPod it isn't. It seems like a gift that you would've got a few years around because everyone used MP3 players so why did I get this? WELL I actually asked for it! All year round I was unable to listen to music when I was outside because I had not enough memory on my iPhone 4 to download music. It is extremely annoying that Apple doesn't let you insert a memory card so I was stuck with no music and whenever I went gym I was literally so bored. I didn't want an iPod because I just hate using iTunes and downloading music onto this MP3 just seemed much easier. So my mum realised how much I struggled without listening to music, especially because I am a fangirl so she got me this MP3 player and I seriously love it!

THIS IS THE BEST ALBUM EVER AHHHH. Okay enough, no more fangirling. I got this album from my brother and funnily this has a story too. My brother got me this album and Ariana Grande's album and then he called my mum to let her know what he got me. My mum said this to him "No why did you waste money on that go and return it at the shop you can buy her something else." Literally this is what I wanted though and I was so annoyed when my brother told me that my mum made him return it. So I kept complaining pretty much everyday ever since, I don't think my brother could deal with it anymore so he went back and got me Taylor's album! :)

 This is a cute necklace from New Look which I looked at whilst shopping with my mum's friend Anu so she noticed that I really wanted it and got it for me.

 A lot of people noticed that I love Victoria's Secret I guess so I got a fragrance set (Passion Struck), a travel brush and Endless Love body spray. I love all of these and the travel brush set is perfect as I can take it to my frequent journeys to Germany. The fragrance set I got from my friend Lux and it wasn't really meant for Christmas. She gave this to me 2 days before Christmas day and said she got it for me because I've been a good friend to her. I really couldn't fathom why she got me a gift, I was really surprised and it's really cute that she got me a gift just because I've been a good friend so I just put it under the tree as one of my Christmas gifts.

I am in love with this travel mug from New Look! I love Coffee and my friends and family know that. I love the colour combination and I can already see myself taking this everywhere I go.

Although I'm Hindu Christmas is something more cultural for me as I've always celebrated it when growing up in Germany. I personally think whether Hindu, Jewish,Buddhist,Sikh, Muslim, it doesn't matter who you are but Christmas could potentially be a reason to unite everyone together. You don't have to believe in Jesus to celebrate with the ones that do, do you? It's just like people from many other cultures and religions taking part in the Hindu celebration called Diwali.

How was your Christmas? Let me know how your Christmas break is going in the comments below!


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