Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mockingjay Part 1 (Hunger Games Trilogy) Movie Review

Has Katniss Everdeen managed to move and inspire everyone like she did in the first two movies of the hunger games trilogy? Well last night I went to watch the Hunger Games with my friend so I thought I'd like to write a quick review on it.

[Whoop that's the closest I'll ever get to Katniss Everdeen. ]

Whenever there's a successful movie it also comes with the perfect soundtrack to it. When I first listened to the soundtrack I was a little confused as the songs in it were very upbeat and as the last two movies did not have that much action I was not sure whether I was going to like this movie. However, I was completely wrong, there was definitely much more action compared to the previous 2 movies. I was so into the movie that I didn't even notice any of the songs being played in the background.

Now the storyline is fantastic. Katniss Everdeen is representing a smart, stubborn and strong female and allows the audience to feel emotionally attached to her even though she's just a movie character. She has been requested to be the Mockingjay and be the leader of the revolution to attempt to overthrow the Capitol. However, before becoming the Mockingjay she set her own conditions. One of which was to save Peeta Mellark. After being in the background a lot Gale finally gets to take matters into his own hands.

I particularly like the fact that the ending of this movie did not leave the audience too confused or frustrated that they had too wait another year to watch the next movie. Although, I am curious to find out what happens next and would definitely watch the next movie they managed to make sure that the movie did not abruptly end in the middle. I felt that in Catching Fire the ending left me annoyed because there was no proper ending point to the movie.

After watching Divergent I knew that I was going to watch the movie at least 3 times. This is exactly how I felt about this movie as well, I will definitely be watching it again and again and again.
In the movie there's a song by Jennifer Lawrence song called 'The Hanging Tree'. It has effectively managed to get the desired effect on the revolution but also the audience. It even got my friend singing the song all evening and I've been singing it all day today. Even the cinema staff was singing the song when they came to clean up!

A 4/5 stars review for this movie! If you haven't watched this movie yet, make sure you watch it. If you have watched it already, let me know what you think in the comments below. Do you agree? Or has the movie disappointed you?

I just found out that none of the soundtrack songs were in the actual movie! I feel so silly haha because I thought that they played the songs but that I just didn't notice. So forget the whole paragraph on the soundtrack, but the movie is still great.

[Katniss and Gale looked so cute together we had to take a picture!]


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