Thursday, November 20, 2014

Why girls shouldn't be afraid of weight training| My new gym routine!

Hi guys! 

I have had a very busy week but it has been passing so slowly. This is mainly because I have been waking up at 5 AM almost every single morning, even on the weekend! No I haven't gone crazy and no I'm not suffering insomnia but I have been waking up so early because of my new gym routine.
My new daily routine is that I wake up at 5AM get ready for gym and I get to gym around 6AM. After working out I get ready and go straight to school from there. A lot of people have asked "aren't you tired" or "how do you wake up". Honestly, I don't feel tired afterwards at all. Actually I felt more tired after school when I didn't go to gym. Waking up this early and being productive makes me feel a lot better and motivates me. But to be able to wake up so early you do need the initial motivation to work out as well. 
Now I would like to address a common misconception. Most females believe or even men believe that weight training at gym can make a female bulky and therefore make the huge mistake of completely avoiding this kind of training. Today a person "gave me advice" and told me to only do cardio workout sessions at the gym but nothing more because apparently women aren't supposed to lift weights. So I was asking, why not? Let me tell you it is not true at all. You are NOT going to magically turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger. A woman's physiology doesn't enable you to get as big muscles as men. "So why are there picture of bulky women on the internet?" Most women that look bulky on those pictures are most likely to take steroids or have edited the picture. 
 - let's look at testosterone levels. Men produce roughly 16 times more testosterone than women. Obviously, this varies between each person but there is a significant difference between men and females. Even if you are a female with high levels of testosterone it's never going to be as high as the one of men. This does not mean that it is extremely easy for men to gain muscles. If you haven't noticed, men work so hard to gain muscles. If men with these high levels of testosterone levels work extremely hard to acquire muscles imagine what the possibility is of a woman getting bulky?
The benefits of having muscles
Now another thing that some girls say is:  "I don't want to have muscles, I'm only trying to lose weight." Well good luck trying to lose weight without lifting any weights. This is extremely difficult. Half an hour on the treadmill and on the exercise bike is not going to be enough to lose weight.
If you don't lift weights then you won't have a lot of lean muscle. You need lean muscle as it increases your metabolism. The more muscles you have the more calories you burn and this is without you putting any extra effort in, muscles just keep burning calories, 24/7. Yes even when you're sleeping ladies! So actually to evaluate the statement, the quickest way to lose weight is by gaining muscles as they will burn the calories for you and therefore make you lose weight! 

So girls don't worry about the misconception that a lot of women believe in and avoid gym because of this. You are missing out! 
Oh and I've successfully survived my first 7 workouts at 6AM, yay!

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