Friday, November 14, 2014

My November Faves!

Hey guys! 

Today's post is on my November faves because I have been noticing lately that I am running out of a lot of products and most of these I have been using for years now.

My number one favourite skin moisturising lotion is by Aveeno. I use the blue one for dry skin and has shea butter in it. I love this cream because it is just so simple but nice. As I have combination skin it's just perfect for me because it's not too oily but it's not too think either. I like the consistency of it and it hasn't got unnecessary stuff in it like a specific fragrance. The less chemicals the better for you skin right?

Another product that I have been in love with lately is the Batiste dry shampoo. I go gym every morning and go to Handball training and I hate it when my hair looks all sweaty after sport. It has been so handy because I can just use the dry shampoo and get straight on the train without feeling all disgusting and then wash my hair when I get home. If you don't do sport you must have them lazy days or busy days where you just don't have the time to or just randomly wake up with greasy hair. Dry shampoo is honestly a life saver in those emergencies!

Balea oil based body lotion - I LOVE this cream and and I feel sorry for anyone that is not able to get this product because they don't live in Germany, including me. At least I get to go every months and stock up on more of these amazing balea body lotion creams available at DM (a German cosmetics store), I got this last summer and when I used it over there I was amazed at how perfect this cream is. Its got almonds on it and has 40% of oil in it. I have eczema and so my skin is extremely dry. I have to moisturise it every few hours and this cream just made my life so much easier. Unfortunately, this was a limited edition and I'm going to be so upset when I run out of this cream. However, the company Balea which is only available at DM has manymore amazing body lotions.
Another German product I love is the liquid eye-liner by P2. Most eye-liners that I have seen in the UK are pencils which dry out quite quickly. Although harder to apply, I find liquid eye-liners much better and I just like this one because of the long time it last for. I have never bought a different eye-liner since I moved to London.
Next, I'd like to talk about Aussie shampoo. It is freaking amazing! I can't tell you how many different shampoos I have tried and every single one of them have caused me problems. 2 years ago I finally found the right one it's called Aussie and is an Australian shampoo company but it is available in most countries as far as I know. I haven't used any other shampoo ever since because I don't see a problem with it. It doesn't dry out my scalp neither does it cause my hair to get greasy straight away. They have shampoos for all types of hair. The one I currently use is called mega shampoo.

Neutrogena is another lovely product. I use the pink one (grapefruit, I think) and the cream that goes along with it. After I use this face wash my skin feels soo clean and it gets rids of all the oil that builds up over the day but it doesn't make the skin too dry either.

My mum bought this body scrub by Sanctuary Spa. I have seen it before but haven't really thought about buying it. I am so glad that my mum did buy it though. As you can see on the picture above it is empty! The scrub is orange and it cleans your body so well!

Last but not least Passion Struck by Victoria's Secret. I love all the body mists by Victoria's secret. As I am asthmatic I am not a very big fan of deodorants but I still do wanna smell good soo I use these body sprays and they are really nice. There is so much variety in their collection and there is probably a body spray suited for every person's personal preferences. I currently use passion struck but I have used many other Victoria's secret body sprays this is probably my 7th bottle.

This post was not supposed to turn out this long but I kind of got carried away once I started writing, hope you don't mind! :)


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