Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My fave Birthday dinners

Hi guys! 

Last weekend I went out again for a cute little birthday dinner with the girl for my friend Aru's birthday. I noticed that I have been to sooo many birthday dinners lately almost every weekend since the majority of my friends turned 18 this month. All of them have been different in their own ways so it does not get repetitive.

So I thought I would tell you guys what kind of birthday dinners are my favourite.

1) Location - The location is like the key to the outcomes of the night. A really nicely decorated restaurant with a comfortable atmosphere would be the best. Details really do matter!

2) The group - I always think of it this way - it's a birthday DINNER at a restaurant and not a birthday PARTY!  When there is too many people it can get a little loud and I personally prefer something more intimate with your closest friends because this is one of the few opportunities where you have time to sit down and have a good long conversation with you friends, especially if you are in sixth form/college/uni and you're almost always stressed or busy anyway.

3) FOOD - this should probably be at the top of the list! What would you do at a birthday dinner when the food is not great? My friends and me always have a look at the restaurant menu and discuss what we would prefer and look at the ratings before we actually go there. Trust me it makes a huge difference!

That reminds me..don't or never turn up at restaurant for a group dinner without making a reservation. It will be extremely packed if you choose a nice restaurant and it is in the evening!

4) Dress code/ theme - I love it when there is a dress code or a specific theme and the restaurant suits the theme! Maybe it's because I am a girl and I have been in love with dressing up lately and wearing heels (probably just because I recently acquired the skill to walk in them haha) but a dress code makes it more fun getting ready I guess and you will have roughly an idea what to look for in your wardrobe.

So for Aru's birthday we went to a lovely restaurant called Zengi in Aldgate, London. The place met all the criteria above and is actually what inspired me to write this looong post! 

~ the decoration there was so cute and there were seperate booths making it more intimate as well!
Casual dinner outfit combined it with heels so it could look a little more fancy. :) 

got to practice walking in my heels whoop, I'm getting girlier - finally! 


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