Monday, November 10, 2014

Everlasting friendships

Hi guys!

So the other day I was cleaning my room and found a CD that my friend made me 4 years ago! Before I left Germany she put all the pictures we ever took together on the disk. Whenever I come across the CD and watch the stuff on it I get really emotional actually, just realising what we used to be and how far we have come since then.

A little background story.. Germany there used to be 6 of us, we used to be a typical cliché clique. The cutest thing is we used to have sleepovers all the time and we'd use any occasion to have a party e.g. Halloween Party, Movie Night etc.

After a few years we slowly started growing apart, we'd have arguments more frequently about the most silliest things but it was all part of growing up. I moved away to London, another one of us transferred schools and it just wasn't the same any more. The best thing about all of this is that we all still have contact with each other and are still friends even if it's not the same as back then.

So Madhu, Shauna, Jenni, Jule and Nedusa, I know that you will be reading this so I'd like to say that I am soo glad that I am still friends with you guys and hope that we can keep it this way for many more years. Thank you so much for all the amazing memories we had together and thank you so much for capturing these moments Madhu! You guys are just amazing friends. Love youu. xoxo

Sooo now that you know a tiny bit about my past it's time that I share with you guys the video my friend made me when I left. PLEASE DON'T burst out laughing at my dancing skills, I hope the fact that I was 12 back then is a good enough excuse. I've tried to translate as much as possible!

This is us now:
I can't seem to find a picture with Nedusa but we'll take one soon! :p



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