Sunday, November 30, 2014

Birthday Cake for Mum

Hi guys!

So it was my mum's birthday yesterday and like for everyone else I made her a cake too. Although it is funny that my mum thought that I didn't make her a cake and started getting upset and annoyed over it. In the evening after I showed my mum the cake her moved drastically changed and that was the cutest thing ever. I make cakes for everyone's birthday even my friends so I don't know what made her think that I wouldn't make a cake for my own mother.

Anyhow, the cake I made her is a vanilla sponge cake. I used butter icing and fondant icing to decorate. Oh and on the cake it says "Happy Birthday, Mum". I wrote Mum in Tamil so she knows that those 11 years I spent in Tamil school weren't a waste haha.

So here's a picture of the cake:

From left to right: My brother, mum and me

I haven't actually made a recipe for this as there's nothing hard about this cake. It's just a sponge cake covered with icing, in simple terms. However, if you do need have any specific enquiries or do have any questions please do let me know.  You can send me an email to :
or leave comments under my picture on instagram: @mathuu_s


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