Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Summer Bucketlist - success/fail?

Hi guys!

Before the summer holidays I came up with a bucket list. So I’m gonna review if I was able to complete everything.

1)     Go to a water park
2)     Read 5 books
3)      Go on a road trip
4)     Visit 3 German cities I've never been to
5)     New blog post everyday (hope you're happy about that!)
6)      Go paint-balling

7)      Go to an amusement park
8)     Play the drinking game
9)     Have a massive water fight
10) Have a nice and (healthy) picnic with a few friends
11) Play laser tag
12) Say yes to everything for one day
13) Do pilates everyday
14)Spend one whole night watching a soap with a friend
15) Produce a summer adventure book

1 – Okay I normally go to a water park every time in Germany so it didn’t seem like something difficult to achieve. Buuut and this is not an excuse…the weather in Germany was not that great this year. For once summer did not feel like summer in Germany.    - failed
2 – I’ve read Divergent and Insurgent!! I will be reading the third book soon. For someone that rarely reads that is quite good actually. J - Success
3 – go on a road trip – nope I - failed. L
4 – I been to Ulm, Frankfurt and Stuttgart so SUCCESS whoop.
7 – I went to an amusement park so whoop success and I am NOT scared of rollercoasters anymore. I got over my phobia guys!
9 – ice bucket challenge counts as well right haha?
10 – Complete! I posted a few pictures of the picnic a few months ago
12 – I did for 2 hours until my Volker started taking advantage of it!
15 – yess I did a summer journal and it was quite successful! Blog post coming soon! J
I completed 7 out of 15 so actually it was overall I consider it as successful.


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