Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Parisien Chic - J'adore Paris!!

In the summer holidays I went to Paris! I haven't stopped talking about how amazing and beautiful that city is. I really loved the buildings there, it was soo...chic? elegant? I don't know how to describe it really but it was definitely different!

So let me summarise my trip in pictures...

 I took loads more pictures but these ones were my favourite.

My tips for a successful trip in Paris: 

If you go to Paris you definitely have to go shopping on le champs elysee! To get the best pictures of the Eiffel Tower I'd recommend you getting off at Trocadero metro station.
If you want to get into the Louvre Museum you best leave as early as possible and expect to wait there for hours on busy days!
To avoid big queues at the Eiffel Tower book the tickets before.


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