Friday, October 10, 2014

Met Ansel Elgort!

On the 10/10/2014, I met Ansel Elgort!
He is extremely cute, nice and handsome! Right after the apple store event - (I will be posting another post explaining this event) -  I walked around the building hoping to find a car park exit where Ansel could exit from. I was not the only fangirl with that kind of logic but as cute as Ansel is once he saw all of us he did not drive away like most celebrities would do but he stopped.

 He took a selfie with every single person!! He is so tall I am not even sure how that boy has not got back problems yet from all the bending down to take cute selfies with short girls like me.

But thank you so much Ansel I am so glad that I met you and thank you for giving me an autograph!


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