Sunday, July 6, 2014

The fault in our stars - movie review

As most people would agree the fault in our stars is a very emotional book and though unrealistic it still touches your heart.
The real question here is, how similar is the movie to the book? Personally, I thought that it was impossible to get the movie anywhere as good as the book. However, I was completely wrong. Yes everyone always goes on about how they did not include all scenes but that's how it is and also that is why books will be always special. The choice of actors I believe is perfect, they perfectly suit the role and that's why even I started shedding tears at the end of the movie! As unrealistic as it is, the story still manages to touch your heart.

One thing I would have really loved though is having a scene with John Green in the movie. I feel like he deserves a little more credit for the amazing books he writes.


To my surprise there was a very mixed audience. At first, I thought there is going to be a bunch of teenage girls. But actually there were families, couples or even young men watching the movie.

Overall, I really do think that the movie is worth watching!

Mathu xoxo


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