Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to do an ombré dip-dye

Hey guys! 

So the other day I dip-dyed my hair with my friend at home. You really do not need to go to the hair dressers and spend a lot of money on this. 
This is how you do it: 

- wash your hair the day before
 - get the dye and bleach 

I would recommend using bleach if you have very dark hair like me. However, you can do it without it, but the colour of your hair may not look exactly like the colour shown at the front of the pack of dye.

The hair colour I bought wasn't L'oreal Paris and the colour of the dye was auburn. 

On the day: 
1) Make sure you brush your hair properly 
2) Mix the products as described on the bleaching kit 
3) Take thin strands of hair and cover them with bleach. Start from the bottom of the strands of hair and leave the bleach for approximately 5-10 minutes. You then do the same for the upper part of the strand of hair. How far up you want to go is up to you. 
(You do the bottom of the hair of strand first to make sure that the tips of your hair is lighter than the top. When dying your hair this will be essential for creating an ombré effect.) 
5) For best results, cover the bits with bleach on with aluminium foil. 

Careful, it is important that you don't leave the bleach on for too long as it is very damaging and can even lead to your hair reason off if you leave it for too long. 
Read the instructions carefully and don't leave it on for longer than they suggest on the box. 
6) Wash the bleach off without using any products. 

This is how my hair looked like after I bleached it: 
7) Then repeat steps using 1-6 but instead of using the hair bleach use the dye. 
8) Then wash it off after leaving it for a while. 
(For the dye it is the opposite, the longer you leave it on the better it will be. Although, leaving it on for longer than suggested on the box is not good either.) 

This was the end result after dying, blow drying and curling my hair. 
It looks darker than the colour Auburn in this picture because it was immediately after dying it. The colour will evoke Mre vibrant after a few days so don't be worried if it looks a little different than it should be! 
I was really happy with the result and I can't thank my friend Tanzina enough for helping me with it. :) 


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