Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Herman Ze German review - World Cup food


Why so enthusiastic? Well why are you even asking? GERMANY WON THE WORLD CUP AND I AM SO DAMN HAPPY. As I grew up in Germany the world cup is a great deal to me and I was a little upset that I couldn't be in Germany to watch the matches and celebrate their success. But hey I couldn't be miserable I had to make it one of the best world cups I watched even if not in Germany.

Soooo this is what I did to achieve the right atmosphere. I watched Germany's first match at one of my friend's house and since then we've been to a public viewing screen in Stratford (England) to watch the rest of the matches.

On Sunday - 13/0/2014 - was the final Germany vs Argentina. In preparation for the match my friend and me went to a German restaurant called Herman Ze German in Soho London and had a wonderful German lunch. I've had many different types of Schnitzel and Bratwurst before but this place had a variety of sausages and I did not expect that many for a German restaurants located in London. It is a quite small place but they had more seats underground and the place was set out very nicely. It wasn't like the typical fine dining experience but I wouldn't call it fast food either. It was somewhere in-between. The people there were really friendly and the food was good. I wish they had a few more other German foods on the menu but hey at least they have Schnitzel! :)

So to my German blog readers: 
Wir sind Weltmeister!! Ich hoffe dass ihr viel Spaß beim feiern hattet! xo 


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