Tuesday, July 15, 2014

13 reasons why - review

Hey guys! 

I just finished reading 13 reasons why so I thought I might do a book review since a lot of you have recommended it to me on twitter.
So overall, I would say it is very different and special in the way it is written. From the beginning of the book you know that it  is about a girl that has already died so if you're like me hoping for a happy ending like the girl not being dead then I'm sorry to disappoint you.
(No I did not just ruin the book for you because from the beginning every normal person would come to realise that a dead person cannot just magically come back to life).
Well anyways, after I read the book I thought about the purpose of the book since there was no happy ending I was confused and thought why someone would possibly write that book. Soon I came to realise that the little actions of the people in the book have led to the death of a girl. Suicide is a very serious issue and I would have never realised how easy it is to hurt someone without realising that you are. So I would really recommend reading the book because it really does make you think about suicide in a different way.

As suicide is the main topic of this book let me just tell you my personal opinion on it.
Personally I don't think that someone just comes to decision to suddenly commit suicide. There must be a number of things that make a person think that way. I don't think it's right for people to call someone wanting to commit suicide - weak. They are one of the strongest people. They have been going through so much and wanting to commit suicide must be their last reserve.

This book was recommended to me a lot because  Selena Gomez and apparently Logan Lerman have been chosen to play the main characters Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen for the '"13 reasons why" movie so if you want to read the book before you watch the movie then you really should.

Overall rating: 4 stars


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