Monday, July 28, 2014

Jessie J leaked her own song....oops!

Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj have worked on a collaboration lately called Bang Bang. The three have been releasing short teaser clips and everyone has been hyping about it. The song début is tomorrow but tonight and if you are on any social network sites, you might have noticed people started hyping about the song being leaked.

There was a lot of hype on twitter about Jessie J's song getting leaked but actually the person that accidentally leaked it was Jessie J herself. She posted the song on sound cloud but soon enough she deleted it. It must have been an accident. Oops!


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Summer Bucket list

Hey guys!

I have a great obsession with stationary and it is very important to me to be organised and I have this weird obsession to plan everything ahead and put them on a 'to do list'. If you personally know me you would definitely agree with this. So I have made a 'to do list' for this summer holiday.

1) Go to a water park

I haven't been swimming in a very long time and I absolutely love water parks so it's definitely a must for this summer.

2) Read 5 books

I don't have any time to read nowadays so I'm trying to read as much as possible. 5 books may not sound like a lot to you bookworms out there but it really is for me.
I still haven't read divergent.

3) Go on a road trip
Most of my friends have started driving as they're all turning 18 now and a road trip is something we have always planned together so I am to 99% sure that we will be going on a road trip across Germany! Guess which country has  NO SPEED LIMIT on the motor way??? Yup Germany!

4) Visit 3 German cities I've never been to
Since I moved to London I have always been going back to the same city in Germany - Karlsruhe (my home town). It's pretty much part of my routine travelling back and forth so it's time for something new.

5) New blog post everyday (hope you're happy about that!)
Do I need to explain? I guess not! :)

6) Go paint-balling
I have never done this before and I'm always up to trying something new.

7) Go to an amusement park
Did I mention that I am terrified of roller-coasters and that I have never been on one before? When I turned 17 I promised that I would have to go on a roller-coaster before I turn 18. It may be the first and last time. Well it's time to face my fears!

8) Play the drinking game
If you don't know what the drinking game is a little summary for you. So you get together with a group of friends and decide on a movie or series you are going to watch. Before you start you must set a few rules. You drink once whenever the characters do something specific from the list you have made before you started. It's pretty simple but I heard it's really fun.

9) Have a massive water fight
It's SO hot this year you have to do this at least once!

10) Have a nice and (healthy) picnic with a few friends

11) Play laser tag

12) Say yes to everything for one day
I stole this idea from Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl!! In Season 5 there is this episode where Chuck is in LA and yes to everything for a day and somehow it seemed very appealing to me so I'm going to give it a try.

13) Do pilates everyday
Did I mention that I love Cassy Ho aka Blogilates? She's like my fitness Guru.

14) Spend one whole night watching a soap with a friend
Well I've tried doing this once before with one of my friends in Germany but we epically failed. His internet connection was extremely slow back then so it was difficult. So I'm going to try doing this again and previously maybe download the episodes so we don't have this problem again.

15) Produce a summer adventure book
I've given you 14 things I really want to do and already I am getting the idea that Summer 2014 is going to be special and unforgettable! Creating an "adventure book" capturing all the fun moments is something I really need to do.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Herman Ze German review - World Cup food


Why so enthusiastic? Well why are you even asking? GERMANY WON THE WORLD CUP AND I AM SO DAMN HAPPY. As I grew up in Germany the world cup is a great deal to me and I was a little upset that I couldn't be in Germany to watch the matches and celebrate their success. But hey I couldn't be miserable I had to make it one of the best world cups I watched even if not in Germany.

Soooo this is what I did to achieve the right atmosphere. I watched Germany's first match at one of my friend's house and since then we've been to a public viewing screen in Stratford (England) to watch the rest of the matches.


13 reasons why - review

Hey guys! 

I just finished reading 13 reasons why so I thought I might do a book review since a lot of you have recommended it to me on twitter.
So overall, I would say it is very different and special in the way it is written. From the beginning of the book you know that it  is about a girl that has already died so if you're like me hoping for a happy ending like the girl not being dead then I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The fault in our stars - movie review

As most people would agree the fault in our stars is a very emotional book and though unrealistic it still touches your heart.
The real question here is, how similar is the movie to the book? Personally, I thought that it was impossible to get the movie anywhere as good as the book. However, I was completely wrong. Yes everyone always goes on about how they did not include all scenes but that's how it is and also that is why books will be always special. The choice of actors I believe is perfect, they perfectly suit the role and that's why even I started shedding tears at the end of the movie! As unrealistic as it is, the story still manages to touch your heart.

One thing I would have really loved though is having a scene with John Green in the movie. I feel like he deserves a little more credit for the amazing books he writes.


To my surprise there was a very mixed audience. At first, I thought there is going to be a bunch of teenage girls. But actually there were families, couples or even young men watching the movie.

Overall, I really do think that the movie is worth watching!

Mathu xoxo


Infinity and beyond

Sooo today was a pretty busy day and it's 1AM so technically yesterday... I Went shopping (like always), had a driving lesson and then I went out with my family for dinner. 

Dress - river island 
Jeans jacket - primark 

That's all I got to say aha. 
Peace, I'm out! 

Mathu xoxo

Friday, July 4, 2014

Personal opinion on: Jumpsuits

So quite a lot of girls have been wearing jumpsuits this year and there's a reason  why...they are extremely comfortable!
Whether you are going to the cinema or can wear them to most places. 
You know sometimes you don't want to bother too much with picking an outfit with the right combination but still want to look nice..? Yup, that is exactly when these come in handy. 

Double trouble aye? Do you think are they nice or not? 


Hey guys! 

So my friend and I had the spontaneous idea of getting something to drink and she suggested something called "faluda" which completely confused me.

Now let me tell you was yummy like the picture suggests! It's a South Indian "milkshake" with fruits and ice cream in it. Yummy!

Mathu xoxo

Thursday, July 3, 2014

How to do an ombré dip-dye

Hey guys! 

So the other day I dip-dyed my hair with my friend at home. You really do not need to go to the hair dressers and spend a lot of money on this. 
This is how you do it: 

- wash your hair the day before
 - get the dye and bleach 

I would recommend using bleach if you have very dark hair like me. However, you can do it without it, but the colour of your hair may not look exactly like the colour shown at the front of the pack of dye.

The hair colour I bought wasn't L'oreal Paris and the colour of the dye was auburn. 

On the day: 
1) Make sure you brush your hair properly 
2) Mix the products as described on the bleaching kit 
3) Take thin strands of hair and cover them with bleach. Start from the bottom of the strands of hair and leave the bleach for approximately 5-10 minutes. You then do the same for the upper part of the strand of hair. How far up you want to go is up to you. 
(You do the bottom of the hair of strand first to make sure that the tips of your hair is lighter than the top. When dying your hair this will be essential for creating an ombré effect.) 
5) For best results, cover the bits with bleach on with aluminium foil. 

Careful, it is important that you don't leave the bleach on for too long as it is very damaging and can even lead to your hair reason off if you leave it for too long. 
Read the instructions carefully and don't leave it on for longer than they suggest on the box. 
6) Wash the bleach off without using any products. 

This is how my hair looked like after I bleached it: 
7) Then repeat steps using 1-6 but instead of using the hair bleach use the dye. 
8) Then wash it off after leaving it for a while. 
(For the dye it is the opposite, the longer you leave it on the better it will be. Although, leaving it on for longer than suggested on the box is not good either.) 

This was the end result after dying, blow drying and curling my hair. 
It looks darker than the colour Auburn in this picture because it was immediately after dying it. The colour will evoke Mre vibrant after a few days so don't be worried if it looks a little different than it should be! 
I was really happy with the result and I can't thank my friend Tanzina enough for helping me with it. :) 


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