Sunday, June 2, 2013

School stress

Anyone that lives in the UK will know that this is one of the most important years of my life. I have to sit my GCSEs. They are exams that every 16 year old in England sits. 
The main question is : "How do I keep up with my social life, have time to work on my blog and study as well?" 

Honestly, I don't have a social life anymore. These times are over. But I do have time for my blog. Well not really but I manage my time so that I still get to spend some time on social networks. 

So these are some tips that I believe will help you guys to cope with your studies but also "have a life". 

1) Time Management - have a revision plan which covers all the subjects and include breaks 

2) Use your breaks well - instead of wasting time to text your friend about something very useless just do something that you enjoy but never get the time to E.g. If you are a girl I'm pretty sure that you waste some time of your day talking about that one guy that most likely doesn't even know that you like him. 

3) Wake up early - don't sleep till 11 am. Honestly, you don't need that much sleep. 5/6 hours of sleep is enough for survival. Once your exams are over you can sleep as much as you want. That's what summer holidays are for. 

4) Use your nights well. Don't go on Facebook or Twitter and end up just reading every single tweet. What kind of progress are you making in life by doing that? I'm not saying that I don't do it all but don't spend HOURS on social networks. 

5) At last: Do something that actually is indirectly a way of gaining experience or knowledge. E.g. Blogging helps me a lot for my English language exam. You can maybe blog, read books, write a fan-fiction or if you are sporty practice your sport or you may just go jogging. 

One final time: USE YOUR TIME EFFICIENTLY!!! (I wrote this article on the bus while I was on my way home from the library where I studied - better than starring out the window right?!) 


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