Monday, November 5, 2012

How to cope with schoool stress!

School can be so stressfull and annoying at times! Well these are ways of how you can get rid of all the stress. 

1) Panicing is NOT a solution! You gotta stay calm! It's easier said than done. I know. But just try to stay calm!
2) Exercise - Just 15-30 minutes per day would be enough! It is a way of physically relaxing your body!
3) Don't leave everything to the last minute!
4) Don't just choose randomly what task to do first! You've got realise what is the most important thing to do and then start off with it. Don't spend all day doing the least important and smallest task first.
5) Don't give up! - Don't just get lazy and go to bed. You've got to get it done anyways so don't get lazy. It's not impossible!


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