Monday, November 5, 2012

How to cope with schoool stress!

School can be so stressfull and annoying at times! Well these are ways of how you can get rid of all the stress. 

1) Panicing is NOT a solution! You gotta stay calm! It's easier said than done. I know. But just try to stay calm!
2) Exercise - Just 15-30 minutes per day would be enough! It is a way of physically relaxing your body!
3) Don't leave everything to the last minute!
4) Don't just choose randomly what task to do first! You've got realise what is the most important thing to do and then start off with it. Don't spend all day doing the least important and smallest task first.
5) Don't give up! - Don't just get lazy and go to bed. You've got to get it done anyways so don't get lazy. It's not impossible!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ice Cubes diet?

So you may have heard of ice cube diets. I have read before that some celebrities suck ice cubes instead of eating. To start off: Never do that!
You could look fit and healthy as much as a celebrity without JUST sucking ice cubes instead of eating. It's just silly.
I'm a teenager and I'm not gonna stop you from being on a diet. It's the society we live in. Being slim is the best thing that could happen to you and anything else is not accepted. That's not me saying. It's how people especially young people think these days. Whatever you do remember: You're living for yourself and not anyone self! Your health matters!
So back to Ice-Cubes: 
When you eat/suck ice-cubes you burn calories. This is beucase your body has to raise the temperature of the ice to body temperature. However, the amount of energy used by your budy is less than 8 calories per ice cube! That's not a lot.  Don't just sit there sucking ice-cubes. I personally would judge you if you do that - even after reading this. However, you could include ice-cubes in a diet. That doesn't mean just living off ice-cubes.
One way of including ice-cubes in your diet is by adding them to the water that you drink. Again it might not burn a lot of calories but at least you're burning some calories. Better than nothing. Whatever you do you should always make sure that your health isn't affected by your diet. IF you do have problems please don't hesitate and do talk to your Doctor!

I saw this on Twitter soo ermm..yeah let's get started..

1) Justin Bieber <-- my teenage dream!
2) Demi Lovato <--- she's really inspiring
3) Selena Gomez <--- I can relate to her music.
4) Miley Cyrus <--- She makes yp my whole childhood :)
5) Taylor Swift <-- watching her music videos is like watching mini movies! ♥ 

I'm gonna stop with 5. When I meet any one of those esp. Justin - my life will be complete! 

~ FollowATeenageGirl


As you can see I have added two new pages "UK" and "Germany". Well that's because I was born in Germany and lived there for 13 years. Now I'm 15 and have lived 2 years in London. I still travel a lot to Germany so I will post on both pages. It's like I'm living  2 different lives. I'm Hannah Montana! I'm jk. :) ♥



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