Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hey guys!
So I don't really live in one country..I'm sometimes in London and sometimes in Germany...I travel back and forth which is quite exciting in the life of a 17 year old I guess? 
So I'll try keeping you guys updated here about my journeys to Germany! 

The Countdown is over ...

I'm actually upset about the fact that the countdown is over. There's nothing to look forward to anymore. From the 14th - 28th June I was in Germany. Honestly, it was amazing.
I got to spend 2 weeks with my friends in German. Attending parties, sleepovers - even school there was fun! They had a foam party on a normal school day, that's just wow compared to the strict rules and basic school days in London!
I just live my life there. It really is my teenage dream which came true.

My phone broke so I lost ALL of my pictures which really sucks. *sighs*

Sorry  guys!

Mathu xoxo


There's only a few days left till I finally get to leave London and visit my friends in Germany again! As a reminder for myself (and for anyone looking forward to see me again :P ) I've put a countdown down there. :) - This will be probably one of the most updated pages on this whole website once I've arrived in Germany, since I have to keep you guys updated!

I did some Accessoires shopping! They're all from the German shop: TALLY WEiJL


The Reichstag!
On the 31st October I came from Berlin (Germany)! I went to my school class. It was quite school going with my school mates. However, I'm not really friends with most people who came on the trip but like always I was still being nice to them. That's just me.

"I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me!" - Selena Gomez
It's hard to believe this quote, it took me a long time as well, but somehow she's right. She's not being vain. Who says your not beautiful?  

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