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My name is Mathu and I am a 21 year old lifestyle blogger. I hope you have enjoyed looking through my blog so far! 
I was born on the 14th January in a small German city called Karlsruhe and lived there for most of my life. Both my parents are Tamil (Sri Lankan) and a few years ago I moved to London. After I moved to London, I didn't have the time to blog for the first few months as I had to catch up with a lot of school work and learn English at the same time. I have been a passionate blogger since the age of 12. Everything I know about blogging I have taught myself. Back then finding information about blogging was not easy, I remember going to the local library and picking up books to read about computers and owning websites. This is not my first blog either I have owned many other blogs before that I used to really enjoy writing on but looking back at them now I just find them really funny. As you may have noticed I am multilingual, I speak German, Tamil,English and French (but not as fluently in French). So feel free to contact me in any of those languages if you prefer communicating in one of those languages. 
I hope you will visit again! 

These are the links for my old blogs, hope you have a good time laughing at them! :)

These are just a few of the many blogs I've ever made. I can't remember my other blog links any-more, thank god! 


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