Thursday, December 6, 2018

Florence + The Machine VIP Lounge Experience| Do a bit of Debenhams

Hey guys!

Two weeks ago I was invited to the Florence + The Machine concert by the Debenhams team! I was thrilled to attend this event because not only did I need a break from my student life but I was really looking forward to connect with other bloggers from the UK! It has been such a long time since I have had met fellow bloggers.
I haven't attended a concert in such a long time and Debenhams had a VIP lounge booth booked at the O2 Arena which I experienced for the first time as well! We were spoiled with drinks and food all night whilst listening to Florence + The Machine whose live voice is amazing by the way!
I knew some of Florence + The Machine's songs prior to the concert but not all and I was so happy to have attended the event, I felt like I got to know more about her in such little time.

Debenhams also sorted me out with an amazing outfit which I fell in love with. The Quiz jumpsuit was the perfect fit and just gave me the classy elegant I was looking for and I also received stunning Steven Madden heels from Debenhams as well. I fell in love with and you will definitely see more of these heels.
What really shocked me was how perfect the fit of these outfits was! I received the outfit the day before the event and I was a bit worried what if it wasn't the right size and I wouldn't have had enough time to return any items or go to a Debenhams store nearby but I fell in love with the outfits I received straight away! The fitting and outfit sizing guidelines were perfect. I never really ordered outfits from Debenhams before, I always thought that they didn't have outfits appropriate for my age range but they actually did! The Debenhams bodycon dresses have such a wide variety.

On that note, I'm off to bed it's getting late and I have to resume to my student life tomorrow. Having said that, I have just confirmed my first blogger event attendance for 2019 already so it definitely doesn't end here.

That's it from me for now lovelies, I'll be back with more soon. 


Sunday, November 25, 2018

7 Signs That You're Burning Out | Mental Health

Hello guys,

We live in a society where working hard and grinding is promoted so positively which is definitely a good thing and I do agree that it's important to set your goals at high importance. However, there is a fine line between a healthy mindset and the goals overwhelming you and overworking yourself to cause a burn out.
Lately I've been feeling like I've hit a point in my life where I've completely burnt out and have no energy whatsoever left to get back out of it. Usually, this is not like me at all, I have always had a lot on my plate but I manage to get back up after resting for a day. At this point I am counting down the days left till the end of term because I know the only way for me to gather my energy again is to take a few days rest and the calendar is already so full that I can't find those days. Anyhow, I don't want anyone to miss the signs like me and get to this point of burning out so here are the early signs you should look out for...

1. It takes you less than 5 minutes to fall asleep
Do you come home, get ready for bed and you don't even have to try, you shut your eyes and you're out! While taking long to fall asleep is a sign of insomnia, falling asleep too quickly isn't healthy either.

2. Mental Fatigue
You sleep enough but you mentally just don't feel with it. Constantly feeling weak and tired.

3. Always zoning out
Are you surrounded by a crowd but you find yourself always zoning out and thinking about the work related things you still have to do?

4. Struggling to look after yourself
You have no motivation to cook, eat and are more likely to fall into eating habits are not your usual self. Simple chores start to feel difficult and start piling up.

5. Working through a list
You're working through a list rather than wanting to get it done.

6. Immune System - getting ill frequently
Is your immune system giving up on you and you keep getting ill?

7. Isolation
You don't feel like socialising with anybody and you start to detach yourself from everyone.

These are just some of the signs and don't avoid them, do something about it before you're in my situation!


Saturday, September 29, 2018

How I saved £3k to Travel Europe while being a Student!

Hello guys,
 I went to university with the intention to travel as much as I can but I had no savings put aside for travelling. In my first 2 years at university I managed to travel while saving money for it simultaneously. The main cities I went to were Iceland, Mallorca, Tenerife, Brussels, Copenhagen, Malmo, Amsterdam. I also went on various other small city trips with my family etc. that I funded for myself.
So how did I save this money?

Say no to restaurant trips
I remember being really social in my first year at university and I was part of many societies. I would go to them weekly but whenever there was a social which involved going out and eating I wouldn't attend. Same goes for restaurant trips with friends, I avoided them. I'd say that will easily give you about minimum £200 of saved money.

Avoid going home
If you live out, this will be one of your major spendings depending on how far away your home is from the city you live in for uni. Each trip costs me on average £25 minimum so if you were to go home every week that's £100 per month that you're saving.

Get a part time job
I only worked during my half term holidays but it was enough, depending on where you work of course. I was really fortunate with this but depending on how much effort you put into searching you can find some pretty good jobs out there. Or you could get a job at university, most uni jobs take into consideration that you're a student and give you reasonable hours.

Calculate a Weekly Budget
Based on your weekly requirements and costs calculate how much money you need minimum a week to survive. Once you have that amount, add an amount of money you'd like to save and from that obtain a reasonable weekly budget that works for you - which isn't too strict and reasonable so you're less likely to give up. I'm currently on a £30 a week budget and if I stick to it I will be able to save the money that I have calculated to keep.

Plan your journeys
Don't just go to town/high street/city to get the one or two things you need to buy. Make a list and get it all at once, you save time and bus fare money.

Pre-drink enough

If you drink alcohol and want to enjoy yourself on a night out - I'm not saying no to it. Go for it!
But - make sure you pre-drink enough that you won't have to go beyond spending £10 at the club.

Take advantage of your student life
As a student believe it or not you have an unbelievable amount of time, if you're able to work - do it!
You don't have to be super strict and stingy, you can save so easily! You get a student loan but you don't necessarily need to spend it all on online shopping. Your loan is a lovely amount, either way you'll be using it and you'll have to pay it back at least make sure you used it for something that will have a lasting effect on your life and travelling definitely does!

I had a great time as a fresher, I didn't just travel and give up my social life for it, I still had saved enough money for both!

Hope this helped and if you end up using these saving money tips let me know :)


Tuesday, September 25, 2018

How I felt about my First Event | Becoming a Young Entrepreneur

Hey guys!

As a teenager I always admired celebrities just like everyone else my age but the people I really looked up to were young entrepreneurs. When you're young your 20s sounds like a big age and I have also said to myself one day I want to be able to start up my own small business when I'm in my 20s and here I am. I am 21 now and I have started my own Event Planning and Management business called Beau Chic Events. (@beauchic_events)

It all sounds nice and wonderful, the picture perfect story of a girl who became an entrepreneur at 21. The truth is, you can portray things in any way you want to. On the 21st September I hosted my first ever event in London as part of my company and I must say that project has taught me so much as an entrepreneur. The skills and knowledge I gained from the experience can't be bought. I must say I am very proud of myself looking back at it now. I had to make big and bold decisions and I realised what it is like to be a small start up company and how you will get treated in the world of business. I also learnt a lot about friendships and family. I received a tremendous amount of support. What I learnt the most is that not everyone will be happy for you. Some people will only be there when the grass is green. Those that stuck through all the difficult parts of planning this event have really made me appreciate family and friendship to the extra extent. I was having anxiety attacks, I was nervous and honestly it was heart warming to see how many people actively made the effort to get me through it all.
Everything goes by the statement of "That's how business is". I have a lot to learn but I've started young and I have many years to go. Majority of small start up companies end up failing after their first year and if not they don't survive longer than 3 years. For me this was about experience and gaining skills. I took many risks, had many anxious nights, sleepless days but at the end I just felt happy for myself for who I am now.

I will never stop learning, this is all part of a massive learning curve, I will dare to take many more risks, open to many more positive and negative experiences. The self motivation is there!
I can't wait to continue this journey of my own. I have another goal that I am currently working on but I don't like to jinx my opportunities in life so I'll keep you guys updated on my working progress on that in due time!


Sunday, July 22, 2018

Simple changes that transform how you look in a Lengha!

Hey guys!

Well if my love for Lengha's isn't apparent by now it should be to you after reading this post. I absolutely adore them for many reasons:
- easy to wear when you're on the go and changing at events
- no pre-pleating or difficult long wearing process like with sarees
- skirts and tops can be easily mixed and matched with other things
- can be perfectly fitted to your sizing
and you just simply will look cute in them, there's no way it can go wrong. I'm gonna struggle to wear anything else but lenghas when I'm in my 40s and probably too old for them oops.

As beautiful as they're you need to do it right! There's things you need to pay attention to when wearing a lengha.

1. The Fitting

The fitting is so so important with lenghas! As easy as it sounds to just buy it and wear it, you shouldn't! Get it perfectly tailored to your body - I mean perfectly! It makes such a difference to how it actually looks on you. Let me show you.

Left - not tailored to my size, just used the ribbon to wear the skirt
Right - after tailoring

Do you see the huge difference it makes?

These pictures were taken with a day apart so now it's not a weight loss picture.
If you don't get it tailored, to make it cling your waist, you will end up looking much broader than you actually are.

Here's another example! I look very out of it this day and tired so ignore my face it had its reasons but look at the waist! such a lovely lengha skirt but I personally think it didn't sit as well as it should've because I was too busy to go to the tailor!

2. The Flow

If it's not fitted to your waist the skirt will simply not flow. It will hang down like in the picture above and not flow like a princess.

I mean look at this picture. It flows perfectly and all I had to do is get the skirt and top tailored. But I think you get the point now...moving on to the next point.

3. Mix and Match

Just because the blouse comes with it doesn't mean you have to wear it. The blouse that came with the pastel pink skirt above wasn't nice at all. I hated it. It was not nicely fitted, the material was weird compared to the skirt. So I went and bought a ready made saree blouse for £20 and got it tailored which made the outfit look the way it did.

Here I am wearing a simple crop top from Boohoo with a lengha skirt! Sometimes simple can actually look soo nice, I find it nice anyway.

Don't be scared to try new combos! They might work out so nicely!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be back with more very soon.


Thursday, July 5, 2018

How You Can Lose Weight With Me This Summer

Hey guys!

My uni exam results are coming tomorrow and that got me thinking about the most difficult 2 months I had this year. April and May were 2 terrific months for me, my stress levels were at its peak, I was stress eating, my body started giving up on itself and the stress and my stress related eating habits led to me developing health conditions. Now that I stand in front of the mirror the consequences are visible. Sitting in the library everyday for 12 hours straight with hardly any walking can make you gain some serious weight. At that point it seemed worth it and well tomorrow I'll know. My logic was - weight I can maintain anytime but my grades, I've only got one real shot at it. 
Today I had the courage to get back on the weighing scale and see how much I've actually gained -
6 kilograms! That's dangerously close to my old weight, if you don't know about my previous weight loss transformation you can read about it here.
If I've done it before I can do it again and if any of you would like to lose some weight join me on this journey let's do it together! We'll keep weekly updates via my blog. I will update you on my progress.

Eating Habits 
From last time I know more than exercising your diet is KEY. So what has changed recently for me to gain weight? I've started eating mum's Tamil food on a daily! As delicious as it is I really can't afford to eat like that, Tamil Food can be seriously unhealthy but delicious I must say.
During the exam period I have learnt to drink fizzy drinks and eat packs of sweets which I never did before. Now that I'm back home for the holidays I've started eating dinner at ridiculous times. 

Main Dietary changes: 
1. Only eat Tamil Food 2 times a week 
2. No more fizzy drinks in the home only when I'm out at a restaurant
3. No sweets to be bought 
4. Cut down on the dairy - especially milk
5. Must drink 2 litres of water a day
6. Eat on time - no dinners after 8 pm 

Punishment fees for not following, will be put in my savings account
1. £4 per extra Tamil meal a week
2. £2 per fizzy drink
3. £2 per chocolate bar or sweet pack
4. I'm going to trust myself with the milk and not set a fee
5. £1 for under drinking water - anything below 2 litres
6. £3 for a late dinner 

To make sure I do all of this I'm going to set a fee for each time I lie to myself and act outside the rules. I'm going to take advantage of my stinginess and make sure I charge myself in case I don't follow. At least the money will go to my savings.

As I'm a part-time waitress and I work quite frequently during the summers I count that as quite a bit of exercise. 
In the extra time I find I shall go for morning swims and jogs at the park. 
Swimming is the quickest and most fun way to cardio! I'm also going to buy myself a bike if I don't follow. 

Sooo these are the things I will do and you guys are welcome to join me on this! 
Let's connect via instagram drop me a DM at @undercovermathu or email me at! 

Till tomorrow guys! 


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Sleepover Time | ♥

Hello lovelies,
I'm in London at the moment chilling with my bestie Lux. As promised I will update you guys everyday about the little things in life.We are watching the Notebook. I've started reading the book in German but I never actually finished it. I'll let you know what I thought about it. This sorta feels like a diary entry...let me know if you guys enjoy these quick update posts. 
Oki dokes, gonna go back to the movie and snacks. Lux paused the movie just for me to write this post and she's patiently waiting for me to finish. 

Good night guysss...


Sunday, July 1, 2018

My Prison Visit Experience

Hello loves,

so recently I realised that slowly I've lost the true meaning of blogging. A blog is not supposed to be a website, it's supposed to tell people your story so that they can follow it and enjoy it with you so that's what I'm doing to do. The aim is to update my blog as much as possible even if it's just an entry to update you about what I did that day. Moving on to what this post is really about...
The other day I got approached by a company with an interpreter job! Crazy right? I didn't even apply! I took it of course and at first I found it really scary. I hadn't really signed a non-disclosure agreement before and seeing all the paperwork with small print was a little scary so I got confirmation from my uncle who helped me out. 
My first task was in a prison! Amazing right!! I have always wanted to go inside a prison and to see what it is like without you know actually committing a crime myself. The client needed me to translate what a prisoner was saying and that's all I can disclose about it. However, I can tell you how it was on the inside! It was actually just like I imagined, if not a little scarier actually. I went to the HMP Elmley on the Isle of Sheppey. The security within the prison was crazy and there were so many gated doors! I'm pretty sure we walked through 15 doors at least to get to where I needed to. 

On my arrival I had to sign myself in the staff bit and I had to hand in almost everything - phone, valid trains tickets, deodorants, USB etc. and I gave them my passport.Then I waited for a prison officer to take me through all those doors - he had to open every door with a lock and unlock it! 
While in there I saw a few prisoners in there on the passing. 
It was a very interesting experience and I am so glad that I got the experience. Definitely something I'd like to talk about in an interview if relevant. 

I'm gonna have some dinner while watching an episode of 13 reasons why and then head to bed.

Till tomorrow! :) 

Good night lovelies xo 


Saturday, June 23, 2018

How KFC Taught Me About Life!

 Hey guys!

You see how there's always a friend that just needs to be in a relationship and would at most have a 6 month break between each relationship? Well that has been me but with jobs. Since the legal age of work - age 11 - if you're wondering I have always had a job. There has not been a period since then where I've been unemployed. Yes 11 year old children can work on the weekends up to 3 hours each day and I know that because I have always wanted to work and been going through websites to see whether I was eligible. That's when I got my first ever job at the age of 11, I was babysitting my close friend at the time's baby brother. I earned £3 an hour and to be honest for a kid that is an amazing salary. 
From then I have had so many mini jobs and so many jobs at once but only one job has taught me life. This one job changed everything about me and the way I viewed life and I am very glad that I did it. 
KFC! Yeah so I worked at KFC during my A Levels which I deeply regretted when I got my A Level results as I struggled to maintain the high grades that I know I am capable of getting but now that I am almost done with uni and look back at it I have no regrets. There was no better time in life for me to work at KFC. I was a cashier and I went in having never eaten anything from KFC, I really knew  nothing about chicken. While working there I picked up a mop for the first time and really learned what it's like to clean. I've cleaned disgusting toilets and I've dealt with cruel customers on the tills.  While working there some of my classmates would come in and I'd hide and feel humiliated. I shouldn't have! I was making money and stood on my own two feet. 

What really impressed me at the job was that no matter how stressful and tiring the job was the people that worked there were the happiest I've ever met.  I reckon I will sit in an office one day where the people there will be earning twice the salary and work half as hard but are just way more miserable. The people there had been working in KFC for many many years and they had such a positive outlook on life. They work hard and earn little compared to other jobs yet they are so happy. 
The job really taught me a lot about humans - I didn't even know customers could be this difficult!
The moment I stood behind the tills wearing a red staff shirt some customers belittled me and spoke to me as if I had no brain. The assumption that I must be uneducated was all over their faces. The truth is, life could happen to any of us! Any of us could be working in KFC or McDonald's no matter how much we've studied. 
So thank you very much KFC for having me because that job really has shaped me to be the way I am. 

Well looks like I go through with the things I say....


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Strict Asian Parents - unlocked!

      c.a. 2000. The great lady that raised my mum, my grandma. Hats off to her because she clearly did something right for my mum's parenting to be this good.

Hey guys!
Parents within the Asian community are different to the typical "white" parents and that is a well established fact. There's plenty of memes out there if you  need to get a gist of what it is like. So I've actually had someone message me asking how my parents allow me to go travelling with friends, do things by myself and to go out to events. I can assure you that my parents are identical to any Asian parents however, I would say over the years especially my mum and me we have met half way. My mum's parenting is 100%. It is based on one main thing - trust. 

The key to a functional relationship with your parents is to prove to them that they can actually trust you to be fine in the big complicated and dangerous world. I've been doing a lot of little things while growing up that proved to my parents that they can trust me to be fine. 
It is small things that add up, I tell my mum everything - literally every detail. While I am at uni I tell her everything that happens, I mention my friends names regularly, she knows most of my close friends. This is not because my mum is overprotective and I have to tell her but because she is like a best friend to me and it's just a habit. This habit however does impact trust in a positive way. Never have I lied to my parents about my whereabouts. When travelling with friends, even to this day I send my friends' numbers over to my mum. Not because she'll check if I'm saying the truth but for security. If anything ever happened to me she'll know for sure where I am and who I'm with and how to contact them. 
I don't hide anything from my mum. Given that this is the Asian community we are talking about there's going to be an aunt showing her typical aunty behaviour and try to jump to conclusions or tells my mum something that she thinks that she doesn't know. Aunties do happen but my mother is never shocked by anything because she's always informed about everything. My mum doesn't have Instagram but I always show her my posts, profile and youtube videos.
She knows where I went or where this aunty may have seen me with a "boy", who's probably my best friend that I've already introduced to my mum.  
Its come to that point in life where I can't even attempt to lie to my mum, I naturally feel the need to tell her everything, she's actually my best friend. Her parenting went the right way - why? I don't make bad decisions or anything sneaky. I wouldn't do anything my mum wouldn't be proud of. Because her trust in me is far too strong to be broken. 

My mum always says, if you're too strict as a parent your child is likely to go behind your back and do far worse things. In the same way, my mum's trust in me has prevented me from ever doing anything too harmful. 

Now moving on to dad, he is the typical traditionally strict Tamil dad. Especially when it comes to clothing. You've got to remember that our parents grew up surrounded by a majority different culture, expectations and surroundings so you can't blame them for having different rules. I sit down with my dad and do politely explain and talk back to him when we face a culture clash. It took much longer and it is a working progress but the point is if I can get my ultra strict dad to understand and agree so can you.  

It's down to you to make your parents "less strict". They will trust you and allow you if you give them reasons to. Soooo kids, teenagers, adults anybody. If you're still dealing with strict and overprotective parents, remember they mean well and it is down to you to gain their trust in you. Don't do anything behind their backs! 


Friday, June 8, 2018

The fear of tanning | Colourism in Asian Cultures

Sun's out legs out! Well for most of the western world only. For others it means carrying an umbrella around and always looking for shadow. When you ask why the response is - "I don't want to tan" Why? "Because I don't like how I look when I'm darker." Is a darker shade of brown not beautiful?

We live in a society where we want to change this colourism. You’ll hear “Dark is beautiful” yet they’ll fear the exact same thing. When the sun comes out “let’s find shade, I don’t want to tan” but why? Because the fear of being dark is still deeply rooted within our cultures. That's taking one step forward and then taking one back again so we aren't actually going anywhere. Yes you do support the melanin embracing movement but saying isn't enough, your actions speak otherwise. 

I'm sorry but I'm not sorry, the sun isn't Satan and I'm not hiding from it. 

The same applies for casteism, we can all say we want to get rid off it, but our actions say otherwise.

Don't get me wrong, worrying about your skin health because too much sun exposure can lead to cancer is totally acceptable. Wearing sun cream even when your skin colour is brown or black is vital.   However, don’t be scared of tanning and becoming darker because ANY colour on you is beautiful! Colour doesn’t define beauty. 


Monday, April 16, 2018

How using your Student Overdraft can save you money in the long run

Hey guys, 

often people wonder how I am able to afford all my trips abroad and how it does not cause me a financial strain although I am a student just like everyone else. I am fully financially independent from my parents and take care of my own living expenses and I have so far paid for all my trips abroad with my own money. So you may think - how do you do it? Have I got a lot saved? Nope not at all. 

When talking about overdrafts I feel there is such negative experiences and thoughts by students and how scary they are and about how we should stay away. Well let me tell you, I am a student too and I can truly only tell you positive things about using your student overdraft. To use your overdraft you have to be wise with your money and I am starting to think that it is a skill to master this as many don't understand where I am coming from when I try explain it to them in a brief conversation. So I thought it's time I explain in detail how I do it. 

Overdraft explained

Okay first of all I will explain the overdraft itself in detail as many don't actually everything about it.
When you apply for an overdraft the overdraft limit is set by your bank based on various factors. This limit can be slowly increased over time if you can prove to your bank that you know how to use the overdraft and will pay it back. In first year of university I initially had an overdraft limit of £500 and by the end of first year they had increased it to £1500 .

Common misconceptions 

Using your overdraft smartly does not affect your credit score/rating! If you haven't paid back your overdraft for over a year then obviously the bank can see you'r struggling and not good at keeping clean. Whereas if you use your overdraft yet always manage to pay it back within a reasonable amount of time then this is actually seen as a positive thing as it shows that you know how to manage your money!

There is NO interest fee on the allowed overdraft! Meaning you will not get charged anything for using your overdraft. You would only get charged interest for any amount you spend above the overdraft limit. 
One might say - an overdraft is using money that you don't have and why would you allow yourself to think that you have it when you don't? You should stick to the money you have and learn to live with it. This thinking process is part of a completely different mindset to what I have. Maybe it is because everything I say and do has to do with the future or maybe it is because I have a business mind. Either way that's not how I think life works. Money doesn't always come and leave at the right time. 
Let me give you an example. It's November and end of the university term is almost approaching. You're super broke and your bank balance is on let' say £50 but you see a 5-day trip to Morocco for £200 and your friends are up for it. You know that during the one month December university holiday you would be earning minimum £800. Would you or would you not go into your overdraft, which will cost you nothing to use the money to pay for this trip? Of course I would! That's how I afforded my trip to Iceland. In the moment I didn't have the money but the deal that we saw would have only been available in the moment. I'm only going to be in second year once and only have these people around me once. Why would I not go?

Okay let's pretend I had decided to not go on this trip because I did not want to use my overdraft. In January after one month of working, what would I do with the £800? Let's be honest 90% of us, including me as a student would use that cash throughout February, March and April to treat ourselves on short term happiness - food, cinema, booze and nights out. Exactly! Yet I went on this trip and have everlasting memories and experiences that I will never forget. Oh and don't get me wrong in February, March and April I did spend money on booze, cinema etc. yet within limits. So I got the best of both worlds! 
Don't ever limit yourself because you don't have it in front of you in the moment. Don't let money be your limiting factor in life. Find a way, work for it, earn it and do it! At the end it wasn't free money at all, I worked for it all Christmas. Day and night, crazy long shifts.

Top tips:- only spend your overdraft if you know you can pay it back within the next 2 months - not because of an imaginary job you may soon find or because of your estimated Christmas money you expect to get! Only do it if you have a guaranteed job! 
- DON'T EVER spend money on food. You're lying to yourself if you think that food is worth entering your overdraft for! - do not exceed the overdraft limit as this can affect your credit score really badly and the interest rates are crazy!! - make sure you clear your overdraft always in time, don't leave it too late, especially not till after graduation  
How can it save you money in the long run? 
Let's say you are responsible to get your own phone and pay for your own phone bill. Pay monthly contracts are usually way more expensive but that's the only way you can afford to pay off for your brand new shiny iPhone X. OR waait is there another way? A pay as you go brand new iPhone X is £1150 and a monthly sim is only £12 a month. This works out cheaper overall and if you don't have the money all at once why don't you use your overdraft to pay for your phone and then you can make sure that you move the £55 that you would pay monthly to the phone company into your student current account instead. Does this sound too complicated for you? I did warn you! This is only for those willing to be wise with their money and those that have the determination to work for it. You gotta be money smart! 
Yes taking £1150 out in your overdraft makes your bank balance look bad but a bank balance is for yourself. In the long run you're the smart kid saving the money because spent your overdraft wisely and saved money though it instead of spending that money on cheese pastries at your local university food store. To maybe make it easier you could keep the money you actually have in your savings account so you always know your actual balance. Or you could keep a spreadsheet like I do. (I don't own an iPhone X btw!! I do pay for my own bills though). 

This example can be applied to anything that you would usually get charged interest for.

Lastly please remember, be wise! Don't go into overdraft for silly things! I value travelling, if there is anything you value as much as I value travelling then please go ahead and chase your dreams and use your overdraft ONLY IF you can pay it back with your job money. PS: FINDING A PART-TIME JOB ISN'T HARD!!! I HAVE 3!!! You gotta work endlessly for what you want. 


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