Monday, May 30, 2016

My Room | University Room Decoration Inspo

Hey guys!

My year at university is almost coming to an end as I am completing my final exams for this year. I sometimes show my room on my snapchats (sc: mathusas) and I received some lovely compliments from you. I love decorating my room! I previously made a YouTube with a room tour. Watch the video and below I've listed with pictures where I got the items from! Hope you enjoy. I'm going to go back to revision now as I have an exam tomorrow.

Diffuser Bottle: Poundland
Diffuser liquid/smell: Vanilla from Primark
Square plate: Tiger
Buddha Statue: Camden Market in London
Ganesh statue - not sure sorry!
Spinning picture frame stand: Tiger
Mirror: Tiger

Weekly Organiser - Chalk Board - Home Decor section in Primark

Earring stand: Primark
Calendar printouts - by a fellow blogger:
Movie Take Board: Tiger

Pillow: Primark
White sheet over the chair: Primark

The photographs were taken by me. White photo frames from HomeBase!

Fairy lights - Primark
Lamp - Wilko
Pillow - Clinton Cards - I think!
Hangable stand below the light: Tiger
Duvet set: Ikea


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