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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Luxurious Mother's Day Guide 2018

Hey guys!

It's almost time for Mother's day in the UK and this year I have decided to bring you a new kind of guide. If you want to go all out this year and treat your mum a little bit more than usual this mother's day then this might be the perfect guide for you. All women love to live the luxurious lifestyle and who would deserve it any more than your mum?!

The world's most expensive perfume in the world!
Bildergebnis für clive christian
Don't worry this product will not empty your pockets! If you want to treat your mum the extra special way, then you should definitely try this unique traveler set  by Clive Christian. Clive Christian is a British luxury fragrance. It is as luxurious as you can get and this travelers set has 5 different fragrances in one set which guarantees that your mum will definitely find one she really likes. The fragrances are made with rare and raw ingredients which makes every penny worth it.
If the travel perfume set sounds like something your mum would enjoy you should get this Luxury Perfume Gift set.
Surprise her! 
 Luxurious doesn't always mean pricey! You could make a cute surprise for her. How about an elegant personalised bath robe for your mum. She deserves time for herself and just to take a day off. I found one on amazon here.
But here's the extra special twist! When she open it she will find a spa weekend ticket within the robe and to make it cuter add a little note telling her how much she deserves this weekend for herself.

Allow her to explore!

Mum's are always working on a schedule to provide for us but they really do deserve a few days off. A few days without having to worry about doing chores an paying bills. Usually, I am the one that is travelling the world and exploring this beautiful earth. This year I took a step back and realised I wouldn't be the person I am now, with all this wanderlust if it wasn't for my mum. She has brought me this far and that is why she deserves this way more than I do. Which is why I bought her an all inclusive flight ticket to Canada this year! She's also turning 50 this year so I scraped together all the cash I had to make this possible but it is totally worth it. - Expedia is a great website to compare prices and find a package suitable for your mum!

I hope this guide helps you guys, until next time.


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

21st Birthday Outfit Details!

You wouldn't believe me if I said that I turned 21 last month and I'm only blogging about it now! I underestimated how difficult second year of my course is guys. Pushing to try get a first in my degree as well as striving to update my blogs and vlogs regularly whilst being the president of Kent Tamil Society are major goals that I really underestimated.

Oh Happy Valentines Day guys! Well guess what, I am so single that the first time after months I find time to open up my blog is on valentines. As any other place is currently occupied by couples and I am really avoiding everyone right now so the best place is my room.

The last time I was really feeling myself was on my 21st Birthday...oh god the more times I say it the more it is hitting me that I am that old. If someone asks me how old I am I somehow still say 18. Stuck in time.

I posted a few pictures of my 21st Birthday party on Instagram and you guys wanted to know where I got my outfit from so here's the details and a few pictures.

I would be lying if I said that Ariana Grande did not inspire my 21st Birthday Outfit! So thanks to Ariana's stylists for this inspo.

Bralet: Missguided
Skirt: Pretty Little Thing
Knee high heels: H&M - January sales are just beautiful!
Hair Extensions: Hair Rehab London - Human Hair - review coming up soon!

Mathu's beautiful and hot angels ♥

I'll be back soon with exciting news that I have to share!!

Till then....                                                                                                 Yours truly,


Thursday, January 4, 2018

How to set New Year's Resolutions that can be achieved! | 3 Simple Tips

Hey guys,

first of all I wish you a Happy New Year and I hope you have all been enjoying the festive days in the best way possible. If you have eaten too much and feel like it's time to change things in the new year, 
you have done Christmas just right. That's the point everyone gets to by the 31st December. Then the whole sensation of New Year's Resolutions begins. Some believe resolutions should not be set as it is setting thing you won't stick to anyways and way too unrealistic, others set them on a yearly basis but forget about them by the time it gets to summer.

There's one more type of people, people that set New Year's resolutions and actually achieve them. They are no different to you or me. They just know how to set them so that those New Year's Resolutions are attainable. Up until the age of 18 - I was never entirely successful at New Year's resolutions. Afterwards, I quickly learnt the trick and ever since - well the last 2 years - (I'm not that old yet!), I have been quite successful. 

This is the thought process that goes in for me personally and I see these habits within other individuals who set these goals as well.

Resolutions are AIMS for you overall GOALS or VISION.

First of all yes, there is a difference between aims and goals. Set yourself an overall goal or you may have a vision for the future in your head. Now aims are the stepping stones toward the goal or vision. New Year's Resolutions should be aims rather than goals. Time does not reset on NYE, you don't begin a new life just because the year you're in changed. It is not a time machine.

One of my goals is to TRAVEL the world as much as I can till the day I leave this earth.
See - I spoke in the present tense. It is a goal. It won't be completed just within a year.

Year 2017 - my new year's resolution was to travel within Europe
Completed - I traveled to 8 countries.

This was a smaller attainable, affordable, realistic aim that leads to my overall goal.
Now that I have completed this, my excitement will not stop me to go further.

This takes me to my new year's resolution for 2018.

Year 2018 - To save up and travel to destinations on another continent (preferably South East Asia)

It's not always good to be precise and specific. If they're too specific it makes it harder to successfully complete them. Don't set yourself up for disappointment. One thing about resolutions is that you want them to keep you going into the next year and encourage you to complete even more resolutions. 


"Year 2018 - To save up and travel to destinations on another continent (preferably South East Asia)"

I could've been more specific and said that my resolution is to travel to e.g. Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia. However, being so specific would make me think on the more negative side of things. If I ended up going to Columbia instead of Cambodia I may have not quite exactly met my resolution.

Aims - Stepping stones remember? Only set aims that can be realistically achieved in the year. Especially if they're dependent on finances such as travel. BUT that does NOT mean give up on your goals. If the finances aren't there, find a way for them to be there! You're chasing your vision, goal and dream after all! That's the whole point of setting new year's resolutions.


I mentioned ...
 Year 2017 - my new year's resolution was to travel within Europe

But guess what my resolution was for 2016?
Year 2016 - To find jobs that will not only cover my living costs but allow me to travel on top

Initially, when I set this resolution I was looking for multiple jobs. I thought there was no way one job could cover my travel expenses.
I browsed every single job in London but nothing fitted around my busy university schedule. I didn't give up though, when I was back in Germany I thought - well Germany is within the EU and I can work here too. I grew up in Germany and my German was just as fluent. I took my chances and asked around for jobs in Germany and I was successful. I found a waitressing job and the higher German minimum vague as well as the tips really covers a lot of my travel expenses. Oh and by the way my first day did not go well at all! My first day at work - experience.
I stuck around and it's 2018 and I still work in the same place.

I am sorry this post turned out to be super long but if made it till the end then you are determined enough  and I am sure you will take my advice on board and will be successful this year. I wish you a happy and successful year.



Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Iceland in December! | Costs and Budget

Hey guys!

At the end somehow I did manage to squeeze in one more final trip abroad in 2017. In all honesty Iceland was nothing like I expected . I did not know that such beautiful, natural places existed on earth. I felt like I went back in time and saw the world as it was before humans changed nature. What I loved about it the most was that although there were many areas that were made habitable and had all the essential things we are used to having, they have preserved most of the places and it is all nature. Majority of the things we saw were free entry, just nature as it is without any input by humans.
Oh and when you go there please drink the tap water there!!! It's liquid gold. Never have I tasted such pure and tasty water. I can't really describe it, you have to try yourself.

In this post I will cover the costs of going to Iceland in December. However, if you want to see more of our trip be sure to check out my vlogs on my youtube channel that I will be uploading soon!
My YouTube -
Iceland is the fifth most expensive country in the world so be prepared when you go. Regardless, if you want to cover the main things you'll be fine since entry for most places are still free. The only thing that will cost you a lot is FOOD! Food is very very expensive in Iceland. We took advantage of the 23 Kg baggage allowance with British Airways and took lots of food with us which came in very handy.

Trip length - 4 days, 3 nights
Flight and Apartment - £270
Blue Lagoon with Transport to the airport  - £92
Classic Golden Circle Tour - must go! - £50
Airport transfer from airport (one  way) - £25
The northern lights would've cost us another £90. However, we were unlucky as it was too cloudy in the days were there to see the northern lights.
In total main trip cost us - £437

The Apartment we booked was called Apartment K. It was beautiful and I would recommend booking an apartment in Iceland rather than a hotel. We were provided a living room and kitchen so in the evening we were able to heat up the food we brought with us enjoy our meals.

We booked the Classic Golden Circle Tour through Grayline before we got there.
If you are able to drive in iceland and can hire a car, I'd recommend doing that instead of booking this tour. You can go anywhere you want to and stop anywhere to take pictures. Although I must say if you're worried about driving in heavy snow in December, you shouldn't. As well as that the Golden Circle tour covers very interesting places.

You will need roughly £500 when going to Iceland, including smaller spending but please take advantage and go while you can. I hope the country doesn't change too much over the  next 50 years. It's somewhere I'll definitely visit again.


Friday, December 15, 2017

Things to consider when looking for a student house at University

Hey guys,

 As a fresher it was so easy as you get to live on campus accommodation and everything is set up for you and ready to go. There is plenty of other things to worry about as a fresher and so it's great that on campus everything is taken care of by maintenance people provided by the university. EDIT: I recently found out that not all universities provide cleaners and campus security in accommodation! Shocking to me as all of this was included for us in Kent.

However, in your final years at university that's when life really kicks you. You realise you're officially an adult when you receive water bills under your name, pay deposits and have to start signing tenancy agreements. It becomes so hectic - I'm actually currently on the phone to my water supplier while writing this blog post. I thought setting these things up would be easy but there is more to that than you realise....they might get the bills wrong, not have accurate meter readings, the house might need fixing etc. So I thought I will tell you guys everything I know to make sure you look out for the right things just to reduce your struggle.

Things to look out for when looking for a house:

1) Bills included or not? I'd recommended getting bills included and if not arranging your own bills package. A good website for this is Splitt The Bills. 

2) Location - Transport
I'm a walking distance away from university and this is the best bit about my place. It's not the fanciest house, we pay for location. However, I save  money by not spending too much money on the food places on campus.

3) Types of Rooms
You could be receiving any of the rooms in the house. When you look at them make sure you are happy withe every single room, if it comes to picking out of a hat,  you don't want to be disappointed with the room you received. If you're only unhappy with one room, make it clear to your future housemates before signing the contract. Maybe, someone else will be willing to take it.

4) Location of the boiler, gas meter, water
Sounds weird but we only found out after we moved in that our boiler is outside in the shed!

5) Heating - does it work?
Where are the heaters placed? If during winter, was the house well heated and cosy when you walked in?

6) Things that need fixing - will they be fixed?
Ask and make it clear that you won't  move in until you have the guarantee of it being there functioning when you move in.

7) Price
Depending on how much money you have, you don't need luxury. However, don't go for a place that's way too cheap, there's most likely going to be a catch.

8) Terms in the Tenancy Agreement
Read it well before signing it!

9) Who to contact in case of a house Emergency
Do they have an arranged maintenance person?  Do you get to contact the Landlord or is everything handled through the Letting Agency?

10) Potential MOULD
If you walk in and smell the mould but can't see it on the walls. Run whilst you can!

 11) Contract Length - half rent during the summer?
Ideally you want half rent, paying for a full 12 month contract is way too much.

I'd recommend reading this post again before signing your contract, use it as a check list! Or even take it to a house viewing and mentally tick things off.


Monday, November 20, 2017

How you know that it’s time for some “YOU” time

Sunday night…almost Monday morning. Cosy and warm in my bed just watching things all day on a OLED Panasonic TV. Sounds good right? I’ve spent my entire weekend just doing nothing but binge watching my favourite tv shows again such as Gossip Girl, Jane the Virgin and Prison Break. It was time for a long overdue break from everything and everyone. It has never taken me this long to realise that all I needed to do was to spend some time by myself. It is so extremely difficult to overlook the minor signs that point toward it especially if you’re a very social person.
So how do you know that you just need some time for yourself?

1)     Frustration
Sometimes you’re just frustrated but there is no apparent reason for this. Nothing in your environment has significantly changed, yet you’re annoyed, stressed out or just not happy. The right word would be frustrated. I recently had a day where I just walked around moaning and nagging saying that I don’t feel quite right. I was looking for the word frustration.
2)     Constant tiredness
No matter how much sleep you’re getting, you’re just not awake.
3)     Not feeling content
Nothing makes you feel fully happy anymore. You feel half-hearted about everything you do.
4)     Easily Annoyed
You have mood swings and always feel on edge.
5)     Zoning Out, fading into your own world
You could be having a one to one conversation with another person yet get distracted by a car that drives past. You struggle to concentrate and constantly zone out to your own trail of thoughts. Your closest people around you will start noticing.
6)     Sudden unhealthy eating habits – binge eating and crazy cravings
7)     Lack of productivity
You have so much to get done yet somehow nothing is getting done at the same pace as you used to.
8)     Lack of sleep
9)     Restless routine
When you’re always surrounded by people and just have a fully packed schedule it will get to you sooner or later. The only way to stay sane is by giving yourself breaks where you are just by yourself.
10)  Other’s issues filling your head
If you’re the friend that always listens to others’ problems and are giving advice it can become difficult. Especially when your own life is getting hectic and other issues are also on your mind. The only way to help the situation is to give yourself a break and just rest.

I have been feeling all of these things lately so if you can relate to more than 2 things on this list, it’s time for you to make sure that you make no plans with anyone next weekend and just do the things you like doing by yourself. Watch a few movies, treat your skin with face masks or just catch up with sleep. Your health goes before anything else, remember that! Happy Monday guys! 


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Results Day: Tips for UCAS Clearing!

Hey guys,

Congratulations to all of you out there who got their results today. Whether you got the results you wanted or not be proud of yourself because you made it to the end of your journey at school. Now, if you didn't get the results you wanted, you may have been rejected from the firm or insurance university. Don't panic! Calm yourself down first, it is NOT the end of the journey for you! If you really want to go to uni you can. Let me tell you that I was a clearing student myself and I didn't get the grades I wanted and thus got rejected from my firm and insurance  university. However, there was clearing and the university I got into from clearing is where I'm really meant to be at. University of Kent. I know this because the University of Kent was one of my 5  Universities that I applied for but I didn't firm or insurance it. I went to an open day at Kent and I didn't like it and rejected it. But look where I am now, I ended up going to Kent and I absolutely LOVE my university experience there. It turns out the day I went to Kent for the open day was during university holidays, that's why it was so empty, it was raining as well. I just got the wrong image when I went. Neither can I imagine what my life would've been like if I went to my firm or insurance university. I do think that I wouldn't have fit in there now. I blossomed in university, my confidence is much higher now, I've never felt happier and more comfortable with myself.

I know some of you are having thoughts like - It's so embarrassing all my friends got into the university they wanted to but I didn't. Or some of your friends got a confirmation email from their university before they even got there but you didn't. You feel stuck. You don't know what you even want to study anymore. You don't know if university is right for you. You don't know if any university is going to take you now.


Just remember, EVERYTHING happens for a reason. I deeply believe this.


Now there's UCAS clearing! I'll explain to your everything about it. On results day universities open up extra positions in courses. In clearing you call up the university, you tell them your grades and they'll have access to your UCAS application as well. If they are pleased with you they will take you.

Clearing lines are extremely busy!! Don't give up and hang on. Call all the various universities you would be interested in. Entry requirements DROP on clearing day! They negotiate with grades as well. They actually aren't too strict.
You CAN apply for more than one course through clearing.

REMEMBER, universities are institutions, businesses - they want to give away their places in their courses! Practically they're selling something to you. Thus don't just go into a really low ranked uni at clearing if you think it's not going to help your future. Only take it if you're fully happy with the university and the course. Don't go there without being too sure! Remember you can always take a year out and then try again.

Now you may have to consider a change in courses. Only take a difference course than you wanted if you truly like it and can imagine yourself studying it intensely for a minimum of 3 years. If you can't imagine yourself doing any other course, check if their is a "foundation year" available for your course. A foundation year is an extra year which is considered as stage 0. It will help you to fill all the gaps you have and at the same time you'll be at university getting used tot he environment. You have a whole year to enjoy as a fresher and when you get to actual year 1 you'll be able to focus fully. If you struggle to stay focused and struggle to get used to a completely new environment, you should possibly consider a foundation year. It is an extra £9000 debt though but it prepares you well for university. It doesn't count toward your final university grades.

DON'T just accept the first university UCAS clearing offer you get to any university through clearing and any course because you're desperate to find a place. They usually give you a minimum of 24 hours to decide if you'd like to accept their offer. I almost did that and almost went to Hull! For me personally that would've been way too far away from home. I'm so glad I didn't rush things.

Please don't think too deeply about what other people will think about you. This is YOUR life. This decision changes everything for you after all, not for them. This shapes YOUR future. Once you get to university, everyone is just happy that they made it there, it doesn't matter HOW you got there. Your journey shapes you as a person. Makes you wiser. So do what's best for YOU!

I wish you all the best. I hope this will help you a little to get a clearer mind. Remember don't make a rushed decision! If you have any questions, I'll be checking my email regularly today I'll help you out!
I'll be posting more university related things over the next few days.


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